Globacom Faces Partial Disconnection from MTN Lines Over Unpaid Interconnect Fees

Globacom’s Disconnection from MTN Lines

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) recently disclosed a potential disconnection between Globacom and MTN lines due to outstanding interconnect fees.

The notice, signed by Reuben Muoka, the director of public affairs, highlighted the NCC’s decision regarding MTN’s application and Globacom’s response.

NCC’s Decision and Notice

Following the examination of the circumstances surrounding the unpaid interconnect charges, the NCC determined that Globacom lacked sufficient or justifiable reasons for non-payment.

The commission provided a 10-day notice stating that Globacom subscribers might lose the ability to call MTN numbers, although inbound calls to Globacom will still be permitted.

Impending Communication Disruption

As the situation unfolds, the NCC’s decision may result in a partial disconnection affecting the ability of Globacom users to make outgoing calls to MTN lines.

However, incoming calls to Globacom networks will remain unaffected for the time being.

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