Brad Pitt Celebrates 60th Birthday in Paris with Girlfriend Ines de Ramon

A Parisian Celebration:

Hollywood star Brad Pitt marked his 60th birthday in Paris, sharing a cozy celebration with girlfriend Ines de Ramon.

The couple was spotted stepping out together in high spirits, embracing the low-key birthday plans that included close friends and his children.

Chic Daytime Outfit:

On the milestone day, Brad and Ines were seen arriving at the Théatre du Châtelet to attend a performance by singer Asaf Avidan.

Earlier, silver ’60’ balloons were delivered to their luxury hotel, adding a festive touch to the occasion.

Brad, looking stylish in a brown shirt and blue jeans, left the hotel with a smart jacket, beige trainers, and black aviator sunglasses, showcasing his timeless charm.

Evening Elegance:

Later in the evening, Brad changed into a suave black ensemble, grinning while cosying up to Ines.

The jewelry designer, previously married to actor Paul Wesley, exuded glamour in black trousers, heeled boots, and a dark jacket.

The couple, walking hand in hand, radiated a sense of love and joy during their low-key evening celebration.

Birthday Reflections:

Amidst the celebration, reports indicate that Brad Pitt is also planning a small gathering for his close friends this week.

An insider shared that Brad is currently in a positive space, emphasizing his loving relationship with most of his kids and expressing a desire for happiness for himself and his children.

Fan Reactions and Youthful Looks:

Brad Pitt’s fans took to social media to express their amazement at his youthful appearance on his 60th birthday.

Twitter reactions ranged from admiration of his enduring sex appeal to disbelief at his age.

The consensus among fans was a celebration of Brad aging gracefully and remaining an iconic figure.

Romantic Milestone with Ines:

Ines de Ramon and Brad, who celebrated their first dating anniversary recently, were first romantically linked in November 2022.

Described as Brad’s first proper relationship since his divorce, the couple has been seen attending events together, including LACMA’s 12th annual Art+Film Gala in Los Angeles, where they appeared to be having a great time.

Post-Divorce Journey:

Brad Pitt’s relationship with Ines comes seven years after his highly publicized split with Angelina Jolie.

The former couple, parents to six children, has been involved in a contentious custody feud since their separation in 2016.

Brad, now in a positive space, navigates life post-divorce with a focus on happiness for himself and his children.

Brad Pitt’s 60th birthday celebration in Paris not only captures the essence of joy but also reflects his post-divorce journey and newfound happiness.

The couple’s public appearance and the positive remarks from insiders highlight a sense of contentment in Brad’s personal life, signaling a chapter of fulfillment and celebration.