Bola Tinubu Assumes Presidency in Nigeria: Confronting Mounting Challenges Across Political, Economic, Security, and Social Fronts

Bola Tinubu Assumes Presidency in Nigeria: Confronting Mounting Challenges Across Political, Economic, Security, and Social Fronts

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media. As Bola Tinubu assumes the role of Nigeria’s new leader, he faces a range of formidable challenges.


The effectiveness of Tinubu’s leadership will be evaluated based on how well he navigates Nigeria through these difficult times.

Political Stability and Party Unity

During former President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure, the unity of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC), was strained.

Tinubu must focus on mending the divisions within the party and demonstrate political finesse to heal fractures and consolidate the party’s power.

Economic Recovery and Global Shifts

Nigeria’s economy has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tinubu’s primary focus will be on managing soaring inflation, reducing high unemployment rates, and improving the nation’s infrastructure.

Moreover, he must navigate the global shift towards renewable energy, which poses a threat to Nigeria’s oil-dependent economy.


Security Threats and Regional Conflicts

Tinubu faces the daunting task of addressing security challenges such as the Boko Haram insurgency, rampant banditry, and regional conflicts like the farmer-herder clashes.

These challenges necessitate a robust and effective strategy to restore peace and security throughout the nation.

Social Issues and Inequality

Despite being Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria struggles with widespread poverty and inequality.

Tinubu must urgently address these issues and improve the nation’s education and health sectors, ensuring that all Nigerians have access to quality services.

Interview Insights: Challenges and Possible Solutions

Challenge: Collapsed Economy, Insecurity, Divisions

According to columnist Farooq Kperogi, Tinubu faces a collapsed economy, endemic insecurity, loss of faith in government institutions, and widening ethno-regional and religious divisions.

These problems worsened during Buhari’s governance.

Solution: Uniting the Country and Prioritizing Merit

Tinubu must undertake the difficult task of forgiving his critics, uniting the nation, and prioritizing merit and competence in appointing responsible individuals.

By reviving the economy, creating jobs, and improving infrastructure, he can help heal divisions fueled by economic hardships.


Challenge: Buhari’s Debt Burden

The Buhari administration has left Nigeria burdened with a substantial debt.

Kperogi expects this to be one of the severest tests for Tinubu and his team.

Solution: Seeking Expert Guidance

To navigate the debt burden, Tinubu should attract sound economists who can help develop strategies for managing the issue effectively.

Challenge: Zoning Leadership Positions

Calls for zoning leadership positions in the National Assembly have been made.

Kperogi supports the idea of inclusive governance but expresses concern about executive interference in the selection process.

Solution: Respecting Independence of Branches of Government

While maintaining a harmonious relationship between the executive and legislative branches is important, Kperogi emphasizes the need for an independent National Assembly that serves as a check on the executive.

Challenge: Ending Killings in Various States

Tinubu must address the ongoing killings in states like Plateau and Kaduna.

Kperogi suggests employing a knowledgeable and unbiased security adviser and initiating conciliatory dialogues with parties involved in conflicts.


Additionally, holding perpetrators accountable for their actions is crucial.


Bola Tinubu’s presidency in Nigeria faces multiple challenges across political, economic, security, and social fronts.

By focusing on political stability, economic recovery, security measures, and addressing social issues, Tinubu can lead Nigeria toward a brighter future.

It is vital for his administration to prioritize unity, inclusivity, and competent leadership to effectively tackle these challenges and bring about positive change for the nation.


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