Bloody Civilian recounts turning down a wedding gig

Introduction: Nigerian artist and producer, Emoseh Khamofu, known as Bloody Civilian, recently shared a humorous incident involving her decision to decline a wedding performance invitation.

The Abuja-based musician took to Twitter to reveal the circumstances and her unconventional response.

The Request and Plea: In her tweet, Bloody Civilian disclosed that she was approached to perform at a wedding ceremony.

However, instead of readily accepting the opportunity, she found herself in the position of having to plead her way out.

The artist expressed confusion about which of her songs would be suitable for such a celebratory occasion.

Discography Mismatch: The artist clarified that she believed her discography was not well-suited for the festive atmosphere of a wedding.

This hesitation led her to politely request exemption from the performance, highlighting the mismatch between her musical style and the event’s nature.

The Decision to Decline: Rather than compromising her artistic integrity, Bloody Civilian made the decision to decline the invitation to perform at the wedding.

This choice reflects her commitment to maintaining authenticity in her musical expression, even in the face of lucrative opportunities.

Bloody Civilian’s Perspective: In her own words, Bloody Civilian encapsulated the situation with a touch of humor and a recognition of the unique circumstances, stating, “They wanted to book me for a wedding. I had to beg. Like what song???? E get the kind opportunity wey no Dey very opportune.”

Reactions from Fans: The post garnered various reactions from fans and followers, with some suggesting alternative songs for a wedding setting.

These responses added an amusing layer to the story, showcasing the lighthearted banter and camaraderie within the artist’s online community.

Fan Reactions:

  • @Big_Ridwan humorously suggested, “you can sing Ayra Starr’s songs, we’ll not know.”
  • @Ekongjr_ playfully commented, “I don laugh tire ???? Go and sing how to k!ll a man.”
  • @judiboybaby interpreted the incident as a message to create a song for love birds.
  • @Ebukah_Nzeji offered a song recommendation, advising, “Blood on the Dance Floor, will do.”

Conclusion: Emoseh Khamofu’s experience sheds light on the delicate balance artists navigate between creative expression and commercial opportunities.

Her decision to decline the wedding performance highlights the importance of artistic integrity and staying true to one’s musical identity, even when faced with unconventional requests.