Blake Lively’s Whimsical Gesture with Versace Gown at Museum Exhibit

Blake Lively’s Whimsical Gesture with Versace Gown at Museum Exhibit

…By for TDPel Media. Blake Lively Adjusts Her Versace Gown at Kensington Palace Exhibition


Blake Lively, the 35-year-old actress, recently took to Instagram to share a delightful moment from the Crown to Couture exhibition.

In the post, she shared footage of herself adjusting her custom Versace gown on display at the exhibition.

Playfully captioning the video, Lively referred to herself as the “clown” who hopped over the rope at the museum to fix the exhibit.


Her humorous caption and gesture added a touch of whimsy to the event, as she expressed her excitement for the upcoming Virgo season.

A Playful Moment with the Gown

The video captures Lively getting down on her knees to make an adjustment to the front of her stunning bright turquoise Versace gown.

The gown is one of the many show-stopping looks from the Met Gala featured in the Crown to Couture exhibition at Kensington Palace.

The exhibition showcases red carpet fashion influenced by the Georgian Era in the 18th century, and Lively’s gown is among the standout pieces.


Surreal Experience Seeing Her Dress on Display

Blake Lively expressed her feelings of awe and disbelief as she saw her gown displayed in Kensington Palace.

She described the experience as “surreal” and confessed that wearing gowns and borrowed jewels still makes her feel like a kid playing dress-up.

Seeing her dress memorialized in such a prestigious exhibition left her deeply moved, and she acknowledged that it would be a memory she would cherish forever.

Upcoming Projects for Blake Lively


Beyond her excitement about the exhibition, Blake Lively is currently working on a film adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s popular novel, “It Ends With Us.”

Her passion for acting and dedication to her craft are evident as she continues to take on new projects.

Recently, she was spotted joining her husband, Ryan Reynolds, on the set of “Deadpool 3” in England, showcasing the couple’s support for each other’s professional endeavors.

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