Big Brother Naija Star Bella Okagbue Reveals Surprising Reason for Abstaining from Sex Before Marriage

Big Brother Naija Star Bella Okagbue Reveals Surprising Reason for Abstaining from Sex Before Marriage

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ housemate, Bella Okagbue, recently shared her perspective on why she chooses to abstain from sex before marriage.


She made this revelation while responding to a blog post on Twitter that asked about something home training would never make someone do.

This surprising revelation has sparked interest among her fans, considering she is currently in a relationship with her fellow reality star, Sheggz.

Abstaining from Sex Before Marriage:

Bella expressed her belief that she cannot engage in premarital sex due to her upbringing and values.


When prompted by the blog post, she responded on Twitter, stating “Sex before marriage!!” This stance contrasts with the common societal norms, especially given her status as a young, unmarried woman.

Despite being in a committed relationship with Sheggz, Bella stands firm in her decision.

Bella’s Heartfelt Message to Sheggz on His Birthday:

The love between Bella and Sheggz has grown steadily since their time on the reality show.

During Sheggz’s 28th birthday celebration in November, Bella surprised him with a heartfelt declaration of her feelings.

She organized a special birthday party and took the opportunity to pour out her emotions to him.


Bella expressed her understanding of Sheggz, acknowledging that others might misunderstand him but assuring him that her understanding is what truly matters.

She thanked him for his love, care, and genuineness, confessing that she had never felt loved in this way before.

Bella’s Defense of Her Relationship with Sheggz:

In a previous interview, Bella addressed the criticisms she faced for reconciling with Sheggz despite allegations from his ex-partner.

Fans of Bella, affectionately known as “Big Bella,” questioned her decision to continue the relationship, especially considering the accusations of toxicity.

However, Bella dismissed the criticisms, stating that she wanted to form her own judgments and experiences.


She explained that she preferred not to rely on online information or expose herself to negative content about her partner.

Bella called for her fans to respect her choice to keep her relationship with Sheggz private.


Bella Okagbue’s recent revelations have shed light on her personal values and choices. Despite being in a committed relationship, she remains steadfast in her decision to abstain from sex before marriage.

Her heartfelt message to Sheggz on his birthday showcased the depth of their connection, while her defense of their relationship emphasized her desire for personal experiences over judgments based on others’ opinions.

Bella’s openness and willingness to share her thoughts provide fans with a deeper understanding of her beliefs and her commitment to her relationship.



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