President Joe Biden Receives Unexpected Poll Boost Nine Days Before First Debate with Trump in Washington DC

President Joe Biden Receives Unexpected Poll Boost Nine Days Before First Debate with Trump in Washington DC

With just nine days remaining until the first presidential debate on CNN, President Joe Biden has experienced a surprising surge in the polls.

After months of declining support, the latest NPR/PBS News/Marist poll shows Biden, at 81 years old, tied with former President Donald Trump, each securing 49 percent of the vote.

This unexpected increase in support has revitalized Biden’s campaign, providing a crucial boost as he prepares for the high-stakes debate.

The poll also indicates that nine percent of voters remain undecided, with 25 percent expressing that they have a ‘good idea’ of their vote but could still change their mind.

The anticipation for the upcoming debate is significant, with six out of ten respondents planning to watch the primetime event on CNN.

This debate is poised to play a critical role in swaying undecided voters and solidifying the choices of those who are still uncertain.

New Immigration Policy Announcement

In tandem with his rising poll numbers, President Biden is set to announce a substantial new immigration policy aimed at protecting hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants from deportation.

This policy will specifically benefit spouses of U.S. citizens, allowing them to apply for a ‘parole in place’ program if they have resided in the country for at least ten years.

This initiative is expected to shield approximately 490,000 individuals from deportation and grant them work permits.

The announcement of this new immigration policy has already sparked strong reactions from both sides of the political spectrum.

Democrats have largely welcomed the policy, viewing it as a humane and necessary step to protect families and provide stability to those who have long been part of American communities.

Conversely, Republicans have criticized the move, arguing that it undermines immigration laws and could incentivize illegal immigration.

Congressional Reimbursement Program Controversy

Another significant development in Washington DC involves a new congressional reimbursement program that has raised concerns.

Around 300 members of Congress have utilized this program, which does not require receipts for food and housing costs, leading to questions about potential abuse.

Some members have reportedly added up to $30,000 to their annual salaries of $174,000 through this program.

The lack of receipt requirements has drawn criticism, with many questioning the transparency and accountability of the expense claims.

The change in House rules was initially designed to assist members who have long had to maintain housing in both their home districts and the high-priced D.C. housing market out of their own pockets.

Despite this, the program’s lack of receipt requirements has sparked debate over its potential for misuse.

Virginia’s MAGA Civil War

Meanwhile, in Virginia, the state’s Republican primary is set to conclude the intense battle between factions within the MAGA movement.

This primary is seen as a critical test of former President Trump’s influence over the party and the direction it will take moving forward.

The outcome will likely have significant implications for the upcoming presidential election and the overall political landscape in Virginia.

Melania Trump’s Political Involvement

In a rare political move, former First Lady Melania Trump will host a high-profile fundraiser for the Log Cabin Republicans at Trump Tower in New York on July 8. This event marks her second involvement with the group this year, following a previous fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago in April.

Melania’s increased visibility and support for the largest GOP group representing LGBTQ conservatives indicate her continued influence and active participation in her husband’s political endeavors.


As the first presidential debate approaches, President Joe Biden’s unexpected boost in the polls has energized his campaign and set the stage for a highly anticipated political showdown.

The new immigration policy announcement, congressional reimbursement controversy, Virginia’s MAGA primary, and Melania Trump’s fundraising activities all contribute to a dynamic and evolving political landscape.

The coming weeks will be crucial in shaping voter perceptions and determining the trajectories of key political figures and movements in the United States.

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