Beyond Bars: Enugu’s Correctional Service Celebrates Inmate Academic Achievements

Incarcerated Achievers: Over a Decade of Prisoners Pursuing Education

The Nigeria Correctional Service, Enugu State Command, has disclosed that 1,137 prisoners have participated in the National Examination Council of Nigeria’s (NECO) external exams over the past 12 years.

Mr. Nicholas Obiako, the Controller of Corrections in Enugu State, shared this information with the News Agency of Nigeria, emphasizing the commitment to education within the state-run custodial facilities.

The revelation of prisoners actively engaging in external exams highlights the dedication of correctional facilities in Enugu State to education and rehabilitation.

Current Participation in NECO Exams

As of the present, 124 prisoners are actively taking the NECO external exam at the Enugu Custodial Center’s Special Study Center.

Controller Obiako noted that this current batch of inmates participating in the exams places Enugu among the states with the highest number of inmates undertaking such educational pursuits.

The ongoing participation in the NECO exams reflects the continued emphasis on education as a means of rehabilitation and empowerment within the correctional system.

Success in Education and Vocational Training

Controller Obiako expressed pride in the educational achievements of inmates, citing excellent results over the years.

The facilities invest significantly in education, encompassing primary and secondary school classes, as well as adult education classes.

Inmates excelling in their chosen fields often pursue direct admission to the university through the National Open University of Nigeria, while others explore vocational training in areas such as tailoring, leatherwork, ironwork, and woodworking.

The success stories of inmates transitioning to higher education or acquiring vocational skills demonstrate the effectiveness of the correctional system’s commitment to holistic development.

Controller-General’s Emphasis on Education

The Controller-General of Corrections, Mr. Haliru Nababa, received commendation from Controller Obiako for prioritizing education as a key tool for the reformation, re-orientation, and reintegration of inmates into society.

The administration’s commitment to providing resources for inmates to develop themselves during their stay in custody aligns with the broader goal of ensuring self-reliance and public protection post-release.

Mr. Nababa’s leadership is acknowledged for fostering an environment that promotes education as a means of reducing recidivism and enhancing inmates’ prospects for reintegration.

Zero Recidivism and Partnerships for Inmate Education

Mr. Kelvin Iloafonsi, a Deputy Controller of Corrections overseeing Operations, highlighted the impressive feat of achieving a 0% recidivism rate among former inmates who pursued education while incarcerated.

He credited the Controller-General for creating an enabling environment for studying and improving academic proficiency within correctional facilities.

The zero recidivism rate underscores the positive impact of education on inmates’ behavior and future prospects, emphasizing the importance of partnerships with NGOs and public-spirited individuals in supporting educational initiatives within correctional facilities.

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