Beware: Criminal Impersonation of Police Emerges in KwaMashu – Public Alert

Beware: Criminal Impersonation of Police Emerges in KwaMashu – Public Alert

Warning Issued Over Criminals Impersonating Law Enforcement in KwaMashu


The KwaMashu police have sounded an alarm, cautioning residents to stay vigilant against criminals masquerading as law enforcement officers within the vicinity.

A series of reported incidents involving a suspected syndicate operating in malls and shopping centers has raised concerns and prompted authorities to alert the public.

Syndicate’s Tactics Unveiled:

The criminals’ modus operandi revolves around an elaborate strategy that involves dropping what appears to be a stack of money near unsuspecting victims.


Capitalizing on the victim’s curiosity, they initiate conversation and persuade them to move to a seemingly safer location.

There, they propose the idea of sharing the money.

Infiltration and Deception:

In a distressing turn of events, a group of men posing as police officers swoop in at this point, claiming to be investigating a robbery.

The victim, often under duress and feeling pressured, is coerced into a vehicle that resembles an official police car.


Subsequently, they are transported to unfamiliar areas where their belongings are looted by the criminals.

48-Year-Old Woman’s Harrowing Experience:

A recent case illustrates the severity of the scheme’s impact.

A 48-year-old woman was targeted and victimized at a KwaMashu mall.

Falling prey to the criminals’ orchestrated ploy, she was abducted, and a significant sum was drained from her bank account.


Ultimately left stranded in Chatsworth, the woman’s experience highlights the audacity and success of the criminal syndicate.

Staying Cautious to Counter the Threat:

Community members are being strongly advised to exercise caution and discretion while within malls and other public spaces.

Law enforcement stresses the importance of refraining from picking up any money that may be used as bait.

Maintaining vigilance is key to thwarting potential attacks orchestrated by this nefarious syndicate.


Authorities urge residents to report any suspicious activities promptly to aid in their efforts to combat this threat.

Police’s Call for Caution:

Colonel Robert Netshiunda, spokesperson for the KZN police, emphasizes the need for individuals to exercise caution when encountering similar situations in malls.

Discouraging the act of picking up money, he underscores the importance of awareness and alertness in order to avoid falling victim to the tactics employed by this criminal syndicate.



As criminal tactics evolve and become increasingly sophisticated, it is vital for communities to remain informed and cautious.

By staying vigilant and heeding the warnings issued by law enforcement, individuals can play a role in safeguarding themselves and their fellow community members against such impersonation schemes.


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