Best Practices for Developing Healthy Digital Habits

Best Practices for Developing Healthy Digital Habits

We are a digitally capable generation that this world has ever seen! As our modern society is fueled by the consistent need to be online no matter where we are. This is the reason that internet access is considered to be our basic requirement. Thus, we are more reliant on technology than we were decades ago. No matter where we are, our devices are always with us. But, this constant use of the internet and cell phones may lead to mental and physical health issues. The overuse of technology is indeed alarming as it has serious health consequences. 

Therefore, we must follow healthy digital habits as growing with digital space has posed several challenges. The consequences can put privacy at stake! 

This blog has compiled some easy tips to help you avoid overloading yourself with digital devices. 

Set Time Limit for Screen Time

One of the best ways to develop a healthy digital habit is to limit your screen time. You can set your to-do list and try not to use your phone while you are doing your other work. Be strict with yourself and prioritize your tasks. If you are not able to spend hours away from your phone, then put it down at least for a few minutes and procrastinate less. This can be difficult, but if you consistently do it, you will be successful. 

Wear Blue Light Filtering Glasses 

Spending hours looking at the screen can damage your eyes! The device’s blue light can seriously damage your eyes and cause vision problems. Some smartphones offer eye protection, which removes blue light from the device, while others do not. Thus, to avoid this, you should get a pair of blue light-filtering glasses to protect your eyes from direct exposure. 

Exercise Daily

The excessive use of smartphones leads to physical inactivity. Therefore, to maintain your physical health, you should exercise daily. Set serious goals and avoid using your phone while you exercise. You can purchase a smartwatch to help you track your physical activity and motivate you to do more. It will act as your personal trainer and monitor your overall health. The latest smartphones can even monitor your sleeping pattern and generate daily reports. Thus, it will help you limit your screen time by keeping you focused on your physical health. However, just make sure you use a high-speed internet connection so you can use the features of the smartwatch otherwise, connection issues will affect your goals. You can subscribe to Cox Communications as it offers high-speed internet and provides access to four million Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide without any extra charges. So, you can leave your phone at home and go for a run with your smartwatch. Visit the website BuyTVInternetPhone if you are looking for providers who offer top-notch internet services. 

Unsubscribe Unnecessary Emails & Accounts

Our inboxes get spammed daily because we subscribe to every other account. So, the buzzing of the notifications keeps you hooked to your phone. Therefore, you should unsubscribe from unnecessary accounts and channels. Only follow the people you know to avoid screen time.

Establish Tech-Free Zone

Do not carry your devices everywhere you go! Be strict with yourself, and do not take your phone at the dining table or when you are having lunch with your family. You should even avoid its usage while you are in bed. This will also allow interaction between you and your family, and you will feel more positive. 

Indulge in Other Activities 

When you are at home, there is no need to use your phone constantly. You should do fun activities with your loved ones or house chores. For example, you can cook or bake something or do outdoor activities such as gardening. You can even do painting or drawing, and this will help you relax. 

Stick to a Sleep Schedule 

Do you keep scrolling when it is time to sleep and later realize you have missed your precious sleeping hours? If this becomes a habit, it will affect your health in the long run. Therefore, you should set up a consistent sleeping schedule for yourself and train your mind to sleep for at least 7-9 hours. Try going to bed at the same time every day, and it will eventually become a habit. Setting a proper routine will help you eliminate screen time and stay healthy. 

In Brief

We have become more dependent on technology than we ever were. Our smart devices allow us to stay connected to the world but at the same time, overusing it can take a toll on your health. Therefore, regulating your screen and cultivating good digital habits is crucial. We hope you will use the tips mentioned above as they are quite easy. As practicing these little self-care habits will help you live a healthy life. 


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