Best Paying Transcribing Jobs/Sites: How To Make Money Transcribing Online

Best Paying Transcribing Jobs/Sites: How To Make Money Transcribing Online

There are several internet companies that offer transcribing jobs, whether you’re seeking for a new career or just some extra cash. The best aspect is that anyone can make real money performing online transcribing as long as they have a laptop or a mobile phone and adequate typing abilities.
In fact, you don’t need a college diploma to work as a general transcriptionist, though some hands-on experience is strongly recommended. While you may already have excellent grammar, spelling, and typing speed, it isn’t enough in today’s competitive transcribing market.
This is really going to be fun I must add, imagine just earning money to paraphrase words, voice or texts, there nothing more easier than that. Now let’s begin the real presentation from this end.


Transcribing can be seen as the process of taking audio/video records and turning them to text. Listening to speech and translating it into a written text is known as transcription.
It can also be defined as using a typing device to create a written copy of dictated or recorded material (such as a typewriter, phone or laptop). Transcribing can be defined as the process of converting thoughts, voice, or data into written or printed form.
The reasons for doing so vary, but the goal is usually to convert an audio file into a readable document. In this case, they will require the services of a transcriber who will take the time to listen to the audio and convert it into written text with proper grammar and punctuation. Large establishments such as media and news organizations, hospitals, and technology companies, for example, will require the services of a transcriber to convert their interviews, podcasts, and audits into written documents.


To be able to voice, words (audio files) into readable content, in short term “Transcribing” and make money while doing it, here are the list of tools you need.
1. A PC (Laptop or Desktop Computer) : Transcribing on a computer is much better and more efficient because of the large screen and the possibility to utilize a foot pedal.
2. A Mobile Smartphone : Transcription can equally be done on a smartphone, but you may not be as efficient as you would on a computer. If you plan on transcribing on your smartphone, make sure you have the Chrome browser loaded and the desktop site option checked.
3. A Good Browser (Firefox or Chrome) : Because transcription is all about audio and text, you’ll need a fast and reliable browser on your computer or phone. Chrome or Firefox are preferred.
4. Earphone or Headset : While transcribing, you’ll need a headphone, also known as an earphone, to hear the audio you’re working on more clearly and precisely without any interruptions.
5. An Excellent Internet Connection : For your transcribing jobs, a good Internet connection is necessary; with a good Internet connection, you will be able to download the required works faster, making your work more efficient.
6. Grammarly Software (Optional) : Grammarly is another tool you can use to check your punctuation and typos; however, using Grammarly in transcription is not required.
7. Excellent in English : Your ability to use the English language is a top criterion for being accepted for transcription jobs and succeeding at it. You must be able to understand, read, and write fluently, as well as have excellent listening skills.
8. Detail-Oriented Thinking : For a successful transcription carrier, you must be able to pay attention to details and follow instructions. This will ensure that you deliver jobs accurately as requested by the client, resulting in more jobs and money in the long run.
9. A Foot Pedal (Optional) : A foot pedal is a device that is used to pause, play, replay, and rewind audio while transcribing. The device is used in conjunction with transcription software to make your transcription job easier and more efficient.
As the name implies, you use your foot to pause, play, replay, or rewind the audio rather than your hand, giving your hand more room to do its job, which is typing. The use of a foot pedal is optional and mostly for advanced transcribers.


The qualifications for making money online with transcription are simple, decide to transcribe, meet and have the fundamental qualifications, look for transcribing companies (websites) to work with, sign up and apply to work with them, get accepted, begin working, and make money.


1. TranscribeMe

◾ Pay ranges from $15 to $22 every audio hour.
◾ Payment method: PayPal at any time.
◾ No prior experience is required.
◾ Medium Availability.
TranscribeMe is a popular alternative for newcomers interested in trying their hand at transcription as a side hustle. Although no prior experience is required, a background in law or medical can help you earn a greater salary. Monthly average earnings are $250, according to the company, with top transcriptionists earning up to $2,200. Apply Now!

2. GMR Transcription

◾ Pay ranges between $0.70 and $1.25 every audio minute.
◾ Payment method: PayPal or direct bank transfer on a monthly basis.
◾ No prior expertise is required; however, a foot pedal is required, and only US residents are eligible.
◾ High Availability.
#NOTE : Make use of any of this three recommended VPNs, that’s if you are not from the above supported country.
◾ UFO Premium VPN. (Download Here).
◾ Turbo VPN (Premium). (Download Here).
◾ Express VPN (Premium). (Download Here).
GMR Transcription is a high-paying company that doesn’t require any prior experience. However, they only evaluate applicants who are based in the United States and have a foot pedal, MS Office, high-speed internet, and over-the-ear headphones. Apply Now!

3. GoTranscript

◾ Up to $0.6 per audio minute is expected.
◾ Payments are made once a week via PayPal or Payoneer.
◾ No prior experience is required.
◾ Medium Availability.
GoTranscript doesn’t have a lot of qualifications, and their pay is decent. They accept candidates from all over the world, even if they have no prior experience. You will, however, be required to verify your identity by giving an SMS code as well as a current photo.
Even sluggish typers can make it work because the company has a decent turnaround time of 6 hours for 10-minute material. They also don’t have a monthly quota, so you can work as much or as little as you would like. Apply Now!

4. Daily Transcription

◾ Pay ranges between $0.75 and $0.85 per audio minute.
◾ Payment is made by check once a week.
◾ No experience required, however you must be able to type at least 50 words per minute, and you must be a resident of the United States or Canada.
◾ High Availability.
Daily Transcription has a regular stream of work with clients like Bank of America, The New York Times, HBO, and the United States Air Force. You can apply even if you have no prior experience as a transcriptionist if you are a legal-age citizen of the United States or Canada. All you have to do now is pass the transcription and abilities evaluation tests. Apply Now!

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