ONS Data Breaks Down Average Salaries and Pay Increases Across Various Professions in 2023

ONS Data Breaks Down Average Salaries and Pay Increases Across Various Professions in 2023

Navigating the World of Salaries

Whether you’re contemplating a career change, considering a pay raise, or simply curious about average salaries, our interactive tool, powered by ONS data, provides a comprehensive view of 2023’s job salaries and pay trends.

Delve into the intricacies of earnings across various professions, identifying both the highest and lowest pay increases.

Understanding the Data: ONS’s Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings Report

The figures presented in our comprehensive table are extracted from the ONS’s Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings report for 2023.

This official dataset offers a meticulous examination of earnings across diverse occupations, providing mean and median averages.

The mean reflects the total salaries divided by the number of jobs, while the median offers a more representative average, less susceptible to extremes.

Exploring Salaries: Best-Paid Jobs in the UK

Chief executives and senior officials claim the top spot as the UK’s best-paid full-time jobs, with an average salary of £84,131.

While this seems substantial, it’s crucial to note that this figure covers a spectrum of companies, contributing to a median average.

Marketing, sales, and advertising directors follow closely, earning £83,015, showcasing the diversity in high-paying roles.

Other notable earners include IT directors, public relations and communications directors, and head teachers.

Salaries Variation: Dissecting the Educational Sector

Head teacher salaries, averaging £66,014, exhibit considerable variation, ranging from £53,380 to £131,046 in England, excluding London.

This variance emphasizes the impact of factors such as experience, location, and the size of educational institutions.

In contrast, teaching professionals earn an average of £41,800, reflecting the broader spectrum within the educational sector.

Lowest Paid Jobs: The Other End of the Spectrum

At the lower end of the salary spectrum, roles such as leisure and theme park attendants, bar staff, waiters, and waitresses, as well as supermarket workers, earn comparatively lower salaries.

Hospitality workers often fall within the lower bracket of the minimum wage, highlighting disparities in income within specific industries.

Pay Rise Dynamics: Winners and Losers in 2023

In 2023, some professions experienced substantial pay rises, with clothes and accessory designers leading the pack with a remarkable 29.3% increase.

Travel-related occupations, including travel agents, air travel assistants, and aircraft maintenance trades, also saw significant pay boosts.

However, clinical psychologists, sports coaches, delivery operatives, and healthcare professionals faced pay reductions.

Insights and Analysis: Navigating Pay Trends

Despite challenges within specific industries, pub owners and managers witnessed an 18.2% pay increase in 2023.

On the contrary, sports coaches, delivery operatives, and healthcare professionals faced pay cuts.

The article delves into the nuances of pay trends, shedding light on occupations that experienced the best and worst pay rises in the past year.

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