Controversy Arises as Benue State University Imposes Ban on Certain Hairstyles and Dress Styles

Controversy Arises as Benue State University Imposes Ban on Certain Hairstyles and Dress Styles

Benue State University Enforces Strict Dress Code

In a recent announcement, the Management of Benue State University (BSU) has taken a bold step in instituting a ban on specific dress codes deemed inappropriate and indecent.

The decision, communicated through a statement issued by a task force committee on Saturday, January 13, signals the university’s commitment to maintaining a certain standard of appearance among its student body.

Task Force Committee Warning

The task force committee, appointed by the university, issued a stern warning to students, emphasizing that any deviation from the approved dress code would result in sanctions.

The guidelines outlined by the committee cover various aspects of both male and female attire, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Boys’ Dress Code Restrictions

For male students, the dress code includes prohibitions on sagging, make-up, dreadlocking of hair (dada), hair dyeing, wearing shorts or three-quarter trousers to lectures, leaving hair uncombed, wearing sleeveless shirts, earrings, plaiting of hair, keeping heavy beards, and other indecent practices.

Girls’ Dress Code Restrictions

Female students are also subject to stringent dress code regulations, including restrictions on body-hugging outfits, sleeveless clothes, hair dyeing, short skirts, exposure of certain parts of the body, leg chains, nose rings, and multiple earrings (limited to one per ear).

Additional rules cover the folding of shirts on trousers or skirts, allowable colors for hair attachments, wearing of crazy trousers, and leggings without a long top (shirt), among other related indecencies.

University Management Sanctions

The university’s management has emphasized the importance of students adhering to these rules. Non-compliance with the stipulated dress code will attract sanctions from the university, indicating the seriousness with which the institution views the matter.

The decision has sparked discussions among students and the wider community, raising questions about the balance between personal expression and institutional standards.


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