Benefits of Walking Or Running For Health

Benefits of Walking Or Running For Health

As autumn approaches, the temperature drops in the morning and evening. Fall may not be as pleasant for those who hate the cold, but for those who love sports, it is a welcome season.

Sports such as walking or running for health, the pleasant autumn weather provides a perfect environment.

If you run in the cooler autumn air, you will start sweating quickly, and you will feel increasingly tired, but after exercising, you will feel refreshed and healthier. And it is said that the more you run, the more full you feel, and once you fall for it, it is difficult to escape from its charm.

If so, you might be wondering what the effects of running are and where they are good, so I made time to find out. Alas, some of you may be wondering what healthy running is. 

Running is an exercise that uses only two legs, but it is an exercise that uses the whole body and is an aerobic exercise.

Because it affects the whole body evenly, the effect of running exercise is not limited to a specific part of the body. It effectively prevents many diseases, does not require a separate tool, and is an attractive health helper because it can control the intensity of exercise.

Walking or running for health 


Running, as we all know, is a good exercise for the heart.

A little brisk walking is fine, but once you start beating at a certain speed, your heart will work harder than usual.

Running regularly lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels, and purifies the blood. If you do it consistently, your risk of having a heart attack can be reduced by nearly 50%, which is a staggering number.

It can be said to be more effective than any other drug to prevent a fatal heart attack that causes sudden death in adults.


I mentioned earlier that running has a blood-cleansing effect, which means it lowers the viscosity of the blood.

If you run for 20 minutes every day, the viscosity of your blood becomes thinner, which lowers your chances of having a stroke by 40%.

As the blood becomes clear while exercising, and as a result, blood circulation improves, it is possible to prevent fatal diseases caused by blood.

When blood-related diseases of the heart and brain occur, if they do not receive appropriate emergency treatment in a timely manner, many of them will die, or even if they do not die, they can leave serious sequelae. With that in mind, you can prevent two fatal diseases just by running regularly.


Exercising vigorously for about 30 minutes daily shows an excellent effect on diabetes.

It’s also great for prevention, and it’s even more effective than getting a proper prescription from the hospital, as the muscles in your lower body effectively burn large amounts of blood sugar while running.

If you have diabetes & are taking medications that do not work well, get out of the house and run for 30 minutes. Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 60 can help improve men’s health.

You’ll find that it lowers your blood sugar more than any other drug.

Depression and mood swings

When you run, endorphins are released, which can help you feel better. If you usually have depression or feel down, go out to the park in front of your house and run. If running is difficult, walking at a slightly faster pace is fine.

In addition, exercising outdoors can be exposed to the sun, and just being in the sun can make you feel better, so you can enjoy the effect of one stone and two birds.


Running moderately helps to strengthen the muscles around the knee. This helps reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

However, if you exercise with too much intensity when arthritis has already occurred, it can make symptoms worse.

Running is a surprisingly addictive exercise, and it is hard at first, but then you feel a sense of accomplishment, and sometimes you can’t stop easily even if you go beyond what you can stand.

No matter how much exercise is said to be good for health, if you do not follow the proper line, it can harm your body, so it is most important to maintain the right level of exercise.


Those who run regularly and moderately daily have a 30% lower risk of osteoporosis even in their 70s.

Many people in their 70s, who boast a healthy appearance and stamina and show off their old age, exercise daily. Vidalista 20Cenforce 200Aurogra 100 can solve physical health.

Older people are usually healthy, but if a fracture occurs due to a fall or the like, their health deteriorates rapidly. This is also why osteoporosis is especially dangerous for the elderly.

Weight loss

This is a story about weight loss that many people are curious about.

Among the effects of running, calorie consumption is well known. Jogging, that is, healthy running consumes about 74 kcal per 10 minutes, assuming an adult 60 kg, and if you do it for 30 minutes, you will consume about 220 kcal.

Looking at it this way, you might think that you don’t burn a lot of calories, but assuming you do the same amount of time, you burn almost the same number of calories as the squat, a famous lower body exercise that’s hard.

Running for 30 minutes is easy, but the thought of doing 30 minutes of squats can make your stomach churn.

So even if you keep the same amount of food, you will lose weight if you burn calories while running. If you adjust your diet at this time, it will take less time to reach your desired target weight. Fildena 100Super p force to improve intimate life.

Running like this is a simple exercise, but the effect is great.

If you think you should do anything for your health, the first thing I’ll tell you is to stop smoking and drinking, which are harmful to your body. Along with that, you need to start exercising properly, and the first is running.

With that said, it’s easy to think of just signing up for a gym and running on a treadmill called a treadmill. That’s good, of course, but running in the open air is more effective than running on a machine at a set speed.

Of course, if there is a lot of fine dust or there is no place to run nearby, there is nothing you can do about it. Running is an easy way to stay healthy.

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