Beginners Guide To Bitcoin Faucets

Beginners Guide To Bitcoin Faucets

If you ever wanted to earn free cryptocurrency, you want to keep reading. That’s because my team and I have found a way to collect crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum for free. 

And this is seriously not a scam because we’ve been using crypto faucets. But of course, you’re probably asking the question:

What are Bitcoin Faucets?

In a nutshell, faucets are websites or apps that offer payouts in the form of Bitcoins to complete specific tasks. These tasks include solving captchas, watching ads or videos, completing surveys, and playing games. You can earn Bitcoins by doing seemingly random things, which is absolutely fantastic. Read more about it here:

But the question is, why would strangers be interested in giving you Bitcoins?

In the early days, enthusiasts set up crypto faucets looking to generate interest in cryptocurrencies and giving out Bitcoins for free allowed interested individuals to learn more about how cryptos worked in a risk-free environment.

Since then, faucets have been used to distribute all manner of cryptocurrencies. However, sites paying out Bitcoin and other mainstream cryptos like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Doge are still the most popular.

How to Use a Bitcoin Faucet

To collect Bitcoins from a faucet, you need the following:

A Crypto Wallet: Crypto wallets are a must to store your tokens safely. As you’ll be collecting coins from a faucet, you need to sign up for a hot wallet. Hot wallets are online-only services that store your crypto assets online. 

An Internet Connection: An internet connection is an absolute must to use Bitcoin faucets. To get the most out of your experience, you’ll need high-speed internet with a consistent connection.

A PC or Mobile Device: You can visit faucets using your PC’s or mobile device’s web browser.

Once you’ve got all of the above set up, you can start collecting your crypto tokens.

Are Bitcoin Faucets Profitable?

Yes, you can make money from a Bitcoin faucet. And here’s how:

  1. Faucets give you free Bitcoins

Unlike a crypto exchange, visiting a faucet lets, you collect Bitcoins without having to fork out a single cent. This eliminates your risk exposure and allows you to experiment with and learn more about cryptocurrencies.

  1. The Bitcoins you collected can appreciate over time

The volatility exhibited by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can also work in your favor. For example, holding on to the Bitcoins collected from faucets may allow you to generate income passively. This occurs when the prices of BTC appreciate, which then increases the value of your portfolio.

  1. You can visit multiple faucets

Nowadays, Bitcoin faucets offer payouts in the form of Satoshis, which are the smallest unit of measurement for BTCs. And so, this means that you won’t exactly become a crypto millionaire overnight by visiting faucets. 

However, visiting several faucets throughout the day will significantly speed up the rate at which you can collect BTC tokens. This is especially true if you’ve got a list of the highest-paying crypto faucets available.

While Bitcoin faucets can be somewhat profitable, you should consider the following points before jumping in with both feet.

Cryptocurrencies are highly-volatile

As I’ve mentioned above, the highly-volatile nature of cryptocurrencies works both ways. So while your assets may widely appreciate overnight, there’s also the risk that the value of your cryptocurrencies may suddenly crash overnight, leaving you with nothing.

Some crypto faucets may be scams

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has provided cybercriminals with the perfect opportunity to lure in unsuspecting victims. For example, some crypto faucets are set up to trick you into paying money or providing sensitive financial information, which can then be used against you. So, always be mindful of what kind of information you’re handing over to the site.


Bitcoin faucets are a fun way to tap into the world of cryptos without risking too much money. But this does not mean that you should let your guard down at any time of the day.