Becky Hill Says Her Determination to Succeed Arises from Her Desire to Support Her Family and Her Focus on What She Does Best

Becky Hill, a notable singer who gained fame through her appearance on The Voice more than a decade ago, has opened up about her relentless pursuit of success.

She catapulted into the public eye during her time on The Voice, reaching the semi-finals with the guidance of coach Jesse J.

Remarkably, she stands as the only contestant from the show to achieve a number-one hit, accomplishing this feat in 2014 with her track “Geko (Overdrive)” in collaboration with Oliver Heldens.

Following this breakthrough, Becky Hill has collaborated with some of the music industry’s biggest names, including David Guetta, MNEK, Ella Henderson, and Joel Corry.

She signed with Polydor in 2017 and released her debut album “Get To Know” two years later.

Hill’s journey has also included performances at Glastonbury and the honor of winning two BRIT Awards for Best Dance Act in 2022 and 2023.

Driven by Family and Financial Support

Reflecting on her tireless work ethic and dedication to her craft, the 29-year-old singer candidly admitted, “I am f***ing useless at anything else, so I would probably not have another job other than this.”

However, she also shared the profound motivation that fuels her relentless pursuit of success.

Becky Hill expressed her desire to financially support her family, who had raised her with limited resources.

Her aspiration is to enable her family to stand on their own feet, free from the financial worries they experienced when she was a child.

Furthermore, she intends to provide for her future family, granting her husband and future children a comfortable and secure life.

Postponing Wedding Plans for World Domination

Becky Hill recently disclosed that she and her long-term boyfriend, events planner Charlie Gardner, had postponed their wedding plans to allow her to focus on her burgeoning career.

She stated her ambition for “world domination” before settling down, emphasizing her determination to make the most of her opportunities while she can.

At 30 next year, she aims to explore the world extensively before considering marriage and family life.

Distancing from The Voice

While The Voice provided Becky Hill with her initial breakthrough in the music industry, she has expressed a desire to distance herself from the talent show that launched her career.

She finds it somewhat bewildering that, even after more than a decade, she is still frequently asked about her time on the show.

She contrasts her experience with pop stars who emerged from other reality shows and do not face the same scrutiny regarding their humble beginnings.

Becky Hill believes her accomplishments over the years should eclipse her early association with the talent show, particularly as a double Brit Award winner and a fully grown woman with an impressive list of achievements.


Becky Hill’s journey from a contestant on The Voice to a successful and celebrated artist highlights the resilience and determination required to achieve one’s goals in the competitive music industry.

Her candidness about her motivations, including her desire to provide financial security for her family and future family, adds depth to her public persona.

The decision to postpone her wedding plans in pursuit of “world domination” showcases her dedication to her career and the recognition of the limited time window for certain opportunities in the music industry.

It reflects the difficult choices often faced by artists seeking to make a lasting impact.

Hill’s desire to move beyond her early association with The Voice is a common sentiment among artists who want their current achievements to define their careers.

Her comments raise questions about the ways in which talent show contestants are remembered and how their careers are shaped by their early exposure to the public eye.

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