Beauty Influencer’s Unconventional Nose Job: TikTok Tutorial Raises Eyebrows

Beauty Influencer’s Unconventional Nose Job: TikTok Tutorial Raises Eyebrows


A beauty influencer, Isabelle Lux from New York, has stirred controversy on TikTok by revealing her nightly ritual of giving herself a ‘mini nose job.’ With over half a million followers, Isabelle’s unconventional approach to achieving a more youthful appearance has left many baffled and skeptical.

The Nose Taping Tutorial:

Isabelle posted a ‘nose taping tutorial’ under the hashtag ‘#reverseaging,’ suggesting that the quick trick, using kinesiology tape typically used for sports injuries, can contribute to a more youthful look.

She explained the process, cutting the tape into small strips and strategically placing them underneath her nose to create a lifting effect and across the bridge to form a ‘button shape.’

Doubt and Skepticism:

While hundreds of TikTok users have tried the trend, doubts about its effectiveness abound. Commenters questioned the validity of nose taping for reshaping, emphasizing that it is a common practice post-rhinoplasty and may have limited effectiveness without surgery.

Some users outright dismissed the technique as a ‘blatant scam,’ expressing skepticism about its claims.

Isabelle’s Defense:

Isabelle defended her technique, stating that it can aid breathing by expanding nostrils. She suggested applying the tape about an hour after skincare for better adhesion and claimed that followers could create any desired nose shape using her method.

Isabelle particularly recommended taping along the nose bridge to reduce swelling, asserting that the possibilities were limitless.

TikTok Community Response:

The TikTok community’s response to Isabelle’s video was mixed, with some expressing curiosity and willingness to try the unconventional beauty routine.

However, others were critical, stating that nose taping does not reshape the nose as claimed and labeling it a scam. Some users questioned potential side effects, such as waking up with red marks on the face.


Isabelle Lux’s nose taping trend on TikTok has ignited a debate within the beauty community. While some are intrigued by the unconventional approach, others remain skeptical about its effectiveness and potential risks.

The controversy underscores the influence of social media in shaping beauty trends and the importance of critical evaluation when considering unconventional beauty routines.