Bear mother who captivated tourists as she and her cubs strolled through an Italian hamlet was shot and killed hours later.

A mother bear and her cubs who had previously captivated tourists as they walked through an Italian town were recently discovered shot to death, causing an international outcry.Vacationers caught the bear, whose tag read “Amarena,” on camera.After the body was discovered, authorities questioned a man who has yet to be recognized.Nick Pisa 1 September 2023, 10:17 PM EDT

A mother bear and her two kids were captured in a series of heartwarming episodes as they strolled through a village in Italy. When the bear was shot and killed, the community reacted angrily.Amarena, the tagged bear, was photographed by dozens of tourists earlier this week as she sauntered through the center of a community.Moments after Amarena was sighted, her two pups came from nowhere and followed her across the road, eliciting a chorus of coos from onlookers.

The brown bear family then ran down some stairs and disappeared into the woodland near San Benedetto dei Marsi in central Italy’s Abruzzo area.

Police questioned an unnamed individual after the dead bear’s body was discovered in the backyard of a house on the outskirts of the village just hours later. According to what he told police, he shot the bear out of fear.

It happened on my land and it was a spontaneous decision.It was around 10:15 p.m. when Gemma Di Pietro, the woman who took the photos, claimed, “I was the first to see Amarena in town the other night.”She was clearly scared and wanted to run across the road to safety, so I contacted the local carabinieri station and reported seeing the bear and her two cubs in the center.

A few minutes later, I saw and heard a car honk its horn and flash its headlights to keep a bear away from a chicken run at someone’s home.The bear then bolted, and I heard gunfire for the first time. You could tell she was scared, and I had no idea what prompted her behavior. “This is a very grave episode, against the whole community and it fills us with rage and pain because it is an incomprehensible gesture,” said Marco Marsilio, head of the Abruzzo region.Residents both inside and outside of the parks in the region have learned to coexist peacefully with the bears over the years.Even when bears in the Abruzzo region have occasionally wandered into populated areas in the past, they have never posed a threat to humans.There is none reason for this aggressive behavior.

We have faith in the police investigation that has already begun, which has led to the identification of the perpetrator who will be brought to justice.One hundred forest workers, using drones, are currently searching the adjacent regional park for the two missing cubs, according to officials.There were perhaps sixty other Marsican brown bears like Amarena in the area.

A full-grown male bear can weigh up to 210 kilograms and measure up to 180 centimeters in length.A runner was murdered by a bear in Trento, northern Italy, earlier this year, and the bear was later arrested.The original ruling that the bear should be killed by the court was overruled. Video showing a group of young people stomping a goat to death on a vacation farm in Anagni, Italy, was recently shared online, prompting police to initiate an inquiry.

Animal cruelty convictions carry a maximum sentence of 18 months in prison and a fine of £15,413.The National Park of Abruzzo released a statement on its Facebook page alongside a gruesome image of the dead bear, writing, “The Park veterinarian intervened on the scene with the emergency response team, who could only determine the bear’s death given the severity of the injury.”

“Park personnel recognized the man and called the local station’s Carabinieri, who took him away.”Park personnel are currently attempting to identify the two bear cubs in order to assess what course of action should be taken, all of which contributes to the ongoing dynamics of the issue.One of the most prolific females in the Park’s history is involved in this occurrence, which is a highly serious incident that causes huge damage to the population of roughly sixty.Amarena, despite inflicting damage to agricultural and zootechnical activities, always and in any instance compensated by the Park, has never generated any kind of difficulty for humans, thus there is obviously no reason to explain the occurrence.

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