Be Internet Insured and Stay Protected from Cyber Frauds with HDFC ERGO Cyber Sachet Insurance

Be Internet Insured and Stay Protected from Cyber Frauds with HDFC ERGO Cyber Sachet Insurance

HDFC ERGO Cyber Sachet Insurance comes with covers at less than Rs.

2 per dayThe customizable policy offers 14 sections at a price per section, making it flexible and affordableHDFC ERGO General Insurance Company, a leading general insurance company in the private sector and a digital-first company, announced the launch of its Cyber Sachet Insurance Policy, a unique cyber insurance policy aimed at mitigating cyber-related / digital risks for individual customers and keeping them internet insured.

The pandemic acted as a catalyst increasing the number of cyber-crime attacks across the globe.

According to the latest report by the National Crime Records Bureau, India recorded 50,035 cases of cyber-crime in 2020 i.


, an 11.

8% surge in such offences over the previous year.

Cyber criminals are especially targeting new technology users and senior citizens as they are most susceptible to such attacks.

While financial loss is one the biggest concerns, there is a growing concern around data loss, cyber bullying and stalking.

The new Cyber Sachet policy offers a comprehensive range of cover, providing 360-degree protection to its customers against the uncertainty of the cyber world.

The modular product is structured into 14 sections, empowering the customer with the flexibility to customise and personalise the cover to meet their individual requirements.

This new digitally enabled policy provides protection against online fraud, email spoofing, phishing, identity theft, online shopping, and reputation restoration.

Moreover, keeping in mind the socioeconomic spread of our country, HDFC ERGO has addressed the affordability criteria of new-age emerging risks, by pricing each section on an individual basis and further adding discounts to incentivise customers opting for multiple sections.

Customers can be internet insured with a pocket-sized insurance cover at a nominal premium of less than Rs.

2 per day.

The sum insured ranges from Rs.

10K to Rs.

5 crores for choice of covers opted for by the customer, that includes Financial Loss, Reputation Loss, Data Loss & Recovery, Cyber Liability Protection, Smart Home devices, and Cyber Bullying.

The policy offers value for money through affordable premiums and an option to extend the cover to other family members.

Speaking about the launch of the Cyber Sachet policy, Mr.

Sanjay Kaw, President – Commercial Business, HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company said, “With the increase in cyber threats, a product like Cyber Sachet Insurance will prove to be a benefit, given everyone is an easy target to cybercrimes in some or the other form.

We believe in helping customers with solutions that are digitally accessible, innovative, and unique.

Through the launch of the new Cyber Sachet Insurance, our purpose is to offer our customers the much-needed protection against the various online threats while making sure that the product is affordable.

“The Cyber Sachet policy also provides a wide range of liability covers arising from various online activities such as claims due to social media activities, malware attacks on third party systems, and the legal costs caused due to data breach.

About HDFC ERGOHDFC ERGO General Insurance Company is a joint venture between HDFC Ltd.

and ERGO International AG; the primary insurance entity of the Munich RE Group of Germany.

HDFC ERGO is one of India’s largest non-life insurance company in the private sector.

A digital-first company, transforming into an AI-first company, HDFC ERGO is a leader in implementing technology to offer consumers the best-in-class service experience.

The company has created a stream of innovative & new products as well as services using technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Processing Language (NLP), Robotics and IBM Watson.

HDFC ERGO offers a range of general insurance products and has a completely digital sales process with ~93% of retail policies issued digitally.

The self-help tech platform developed by HDFC ERGO has empowered the customers to avail 58% of the services virtually in a self-help mode on a 24×7 basis with ~40% of the customer requested services digitally.

The Company offers a complete range of General Insurance products including Health, Motor, Home, Agriculture, Travel, Credit, Cyber and Personal Accident in the retail space along with Property, Marine, Engineering, Marine Cargo, Group Health and Liability Insurance in the corporate space.

Be it unique insurance products, integrated customer service models, top-in-class claim processes or a host of technologically innovative solutions, HDFC ERGO has been able to delight its customers at every touch-point and milestone to ensure consumers are serviced in real time.

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com for more information on HDFC ERGO and the products and services offered by the Company.

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