BBMzansi – Nominated Housemates To Make The Best Of Tonight’s Party

BBMzansi – Nominated Housemates To Make The Best Of Tonight’s Party

As the Housemates prepare for their Saturday Night Party, the five who are Nominated will be looking to make the most of what might be their final opportunity to enjoy Biggie’s largesse.  They also have their own reasons to give it their all.

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Mvelo has yet to make a big impact in the House. For the first day or two, it looked like he might become a permanent fixture in the kitchen as he assigned numerous cooking Tasks to himself. This didn’t last long, however, and the other Housemates have since been saying that he’s not made much of an impression on them. “I don’t see his input in anything,” was how Themba put it. “He’s fading to much into the background,” was Mphowabadimo’s opinion. Terry agreed, saying, “we’re in the second week, and I’m not connecting with him. I’m not going to bother with him, either. He’s a shadow. If you do try to connect, it’s not coming from a genuine place.”
While the voting has closed for this week, and the fate of the Housemates’ is already sealed, Mvelo has a lot to gain from standing out during tonight’s party. If for nothing else, he’ll be able to tell people he was on Big Brother Mzansi and not have them say, “I don’t remember you.”

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Mpho is annoyed (to say the least) about being Nominated. It’s sparked a tendency to gossip about everybody she can, and she’s of the opinion that a lot of the Housemates dislike her, ascribing their animosity to her being a sangoma. That may or may not be true, but she’s been decidedly less-than-chipper over the past few days. “There are certain jabs – certain comments – being made,” she said. Some people are super-excited about Sunday, that I’m leaving.”
Now, she may be over-thinking things, but the fact that she believes this must be very exhausting. Hopefully, she can get past it and enjoy tonight’s party.

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Multiple Housemates have commented about Dinky’s mood swings. She’s coming off in a very confusing way to most of the Housemates,” said Venus. “Some were really just over it.” Dinky, for her part, acknowledges her role in this, going so far as to call a meeting yesterday, and apologise for her behaviour, which speaks well of her character.
When asked how the “real” Dinkybliss is, she answered, “the one that enjoys it when people are singing, and we’re all singing along. The one that I’m not is this one.” Hopefully, she gets to be her real self, tonight.

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Norman is known for not shying away from a bit of conflict. Earlier today, his altercation with Acacia started to get very heated, but he’s not the type to back down. In fairness, he can take what he deals out. “Norman is one who can dispute authority,” was Nale’s thought on the matter. “And even if we say, ‘shut up’, he can take it.”
That said, it seems he’s starting to feel the pressure of the game and living in such close quarters with other people. “It gets frustrating when certain people tend to overthink and pass off their opinions as law,” he complained. “Somebody would speak about you in the House, and they would always speak for you as if they are a direct representative of you.” Hopefully tonight’s party releases some of the pressure.

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During yesterday’s Diary Session, Gash1 told Biggie that he was “just trying to figure out how people are taking this whole thing of me not drinking.” Apparently, he’s felt a bit like a fish out of water in the House due to his decision not to drink. Obviously, the choice is an entirely valid – and responsible – one, so he shouldn’t feel the need to change his behaviour simply to fit in. Tonight’s party is, then, an opportunity for him to let his hair down, have fun, and show the House that good vibes can also be sober vibes.