New Entry fee For Tourists In Bali

Bali to Introduce Entry Fee for Tourists: Funding Sustainability Efforts

Introduction: Bali, the enchanting island paradise, is set to impose an entry fee on foreign tourists visiting the island. This new fee, scheduled to be enforced from February 2024, has been earmarked to support various sustainability initiatives on the island, with a focus on coral reef conservation, mangrove rehabilitation, and other vital projects, as reported by Travel News.

Entry Fee Details: Travelers heading to Bali will be required to pay an entry fee of IDR150,000 or approximately R183 per person. This fee will need to be settled either prior to arrival or upon reaching the island.

Foreign Tourists Under Scrutiny: Bali has witnessed a consistent stream of incidents involving foreign tourists engaging in unruly behavior, showing disrespect for local culture and religion, overstaying their visas, and flouting visa regulations. This has led to numerous tourists being expelled from the island.

Deportations and Misconduct: From January to May 2023, over 130 international tourists faced deportation from Bali due to a range of misconduct. Offenses included illegal cryptocurrency trading, violations of tourist visa rules, desecration of sacred monuments, public indecency, the use of counterfeit visas and identities, and illegal business activities.

Governor’s Quota System: To address these issues, Wayan Koster, the Governor of Bali, has announced plans to introduce a quota system for foreign tourists intending to visit the region. Under this system, tourists will be required to register their trips a year in advance, effectively limiting mass tourism. Koster emphasized the implementation of a quota system to manage tourist numbers, ensuring a more organized and controlled influx of visitors.

Restricting Mass Tourism: The intention behind the quota system is to move away from mass tourism, encouraging a more measured and organized approach to tourism in Bali. Prospective tourists are encouraged to sign up well in advance to secure their spot, aligning with the government’s vision for a more sustainable and respectful approach to tourism on the island.

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