Michelle Keegan’s “Fool Me Once” Sparks Fan Frustration Over Unexplained Plot Points and Bizarre Storylines

Puzzling Character Behavior of Shane Tessier

Actor Emmett J. Scanlan’s portrayal of Shane Tessier has left viewers puzzled by his character’s erratic actions throughout the series.

Despite being a Military Police officer and a key figure in Maya Stern’s revelations, his suspicious behavior, including secret surveillance and inexplicable activities, remains largely unexplained. The use of trackers and clandestine behavior raises questions about the authenticity of his intentions.

Detective Sergeant Kierce’s Unexplained Pills

Adeel Akhtar’s performance as Detective Sergeant Sami Kierce revolves around a crucial subplot involving the Burkett family’s pharmaceutical cover-ups.

However, the mystery behind DS Kierce’s pill intake and their intended purpose remains a glaring gap in the series.

The revelation linking his deteriorating health to the company’s drugs adds layers of complexity, yet the initial reason for his pill consumption remains unexplored.

Helicopter Pursuit and Abandoned Subplot

A peculiar moment in the series involves Maya’s helicopter pursuit, where an interested pupil becomes involved in her pursuit of a mysterious car.

However, this subplot abruptly ends as Maya leaves the pupil in the helicopter in a field, never returning to him. The unresolved involvement of this character and his apparent interest in the case remain unaddressed.

Lily’s Cryptic Connection to Joe’s Disappearance

The behavior of Maya and Joe’s daughter, Lily, adds to the intrigue surrounding Joe’s disappearance.

Lily’s seemingly unusual behavior, including mentioning ‘Dadda’ near a bush, hints at a possible connection to her missing father, yet this plot point is never revisited or explained, leaving it open-ended and unexplored.

Unnoticed Gun in Maya’s Possession

Despite a rigorous search of Maya’s firearms, Detective Sergeant Kierce overlooks a concealed handgun in her possession, hidden in a secret compartment within a gun cabinet.

This oversight, especially considering her husband’s fatal shooting, raises doubts about the series’ credibility and the thoroughness of police investigations.

Murder of Theo Mora and Investigative Oversight

The disturbing murder of Theo Mora by Joe and his friends, combined with Andrew’s subsequent killing, presents a crucial plotline. However, the lack of proper investigation and an autopsy into Theo’s death appears improbable, highlighting a narrative oversight in the series.

Unexplained Placement of Burkett Nannycam

The series culminates in Maya’s confrontation with the Burkett family, using a hidden nannycam to livestream their confession.

However, the sudden appearance of this crucial surveillance device, its placement, and Maya’s drastic decision to sacrifice herself raise significant questions about the story’s coherence and character motives.

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