Automatic sticker labeling machine for bottles

Automatic sticker labeling machine for bottles


The versatility of label machine manufacturers is their ability to design machines that cater to the labeling needs of the industry. The food and beverage industry is one of the most prolific users of labeling machines.  Automatic sticker labeling machines are used in Frozen Food manufacturing to gourmet food brands to label their edgy designer labels. The wine bottles have some of the most varieties of labeling in the F&B industry. Vineyards use labels as a storyboard to trace their history and add value to the wine they sell. Therefore, automated machines for labeling wine bottles significantly improve the packaging rate of such bottles.

Automatic sticker labeling machines for wine bottles

These machines are fully automatic, programmable, and easy to use. The design of the applicator machine supports multi-side label applications. It is common for most wine bottles to have three labels, two on opposite sides of the body area and a single neck label around the neck area of the body. The labels are typically applied on dark or colored glass surfaces and hence use elegant, sophisticated designs and color elements on the labels. The differentiating factor of bottle sticker labeling machines is their versatility. These machines are easily adjustable to label all types and varieties of bottles. The design ensures  ‘no contact’ with the surface of the wine bottles as they are fragile. Therefore, one of the roles of a bottle sticker labeling machine is handling delicate surfaces and integrating the labeling process. Another primary concern that the wine industry is deeply concerned about is the need for eco-friendly or green labeling products. That is also the reason automatic sticker labeling machine consumes less energy.  

How are automatic sticker labeling machines for bottles designed?

Most sticker label machines are upright structures since they label objects such as bottles and cylindrical objects. These appliances are easy to use and maintenance-free. Typically these machines are made from high-grade stainless steel. The latest automatic sticker labeling machines are microprocessor controlled and have integrated sensors. The sensors help these  machines to ‘feel’ the size and shape of the bottles.  The design principles of the machine determine the maximum number of labels it can apply on a bottle in a minute. Conveyors move the bottle forward to the labeling stage. The conveyor system eliminates the room for error.  It is pre-programmed to see the size and dimensions. It detects the length of the label and applies it along the length of the bottle at predefined places on the bottle. Every time the machine has completed labeling, data is reset before labeling the next bottle. It is a sophisticated process that improves productivity and minimizes errors. Besides, the overall cost of the labeling process drastically comes down since the automated machines are less prone to errors in the labeling framework.

Another feature that optimizes the working of the automatic sticker labeling machines is the variable frequency AC system that allows it to operate smoothly. It also has an inbuilt single-point online speed variation control giving the point- of-control to the administrators in the case of changes in the speed of the bottles to be labeled. In the advanced automatic sticker label machines, there are additional optional features. It includes a colored or mono-color touch screen for the line operator to understand the process information displayed.



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