Author Frederick Forsyth Criticizes Metropolitan Police’s Priorities and Speeding Ticket Incident

Author Frederick Forsyth Criticizes Metropolitan Police’s Priorities and Speeding Ticket Incident

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Renowned author Frederick Forsyth has expressed scathing criticism against the Metropolitan Police, comparing them to the Stasi, and accusing them of misplacing their priorities.


The 84-year-old Day of the Jackal writer found himself caught by a speed camera for driving 7mph over the 30mph limit in October.

Though he promptly paid the fine, an administrative error has led to him being summoned to court, a situation he believes the Met is responsible for.

In a letter to the magistrate, Forsyth highlights the discrepancy between the time and resources spent on a minor speeding incident while significant crimes like burglaries remain unsolved.


Comparing the Met to the Stasi:

Drawing on his own experiences as an agent for MI6, including his time in East Germany, Forsyth points out the staggering surveillance powers of the Metropolitan Police.

He highlights that even the East German Stasi would have envied the level of surveillance the police force possesses today.

The Speeding Ticket Incident:

Forsyth’s encounter with the speed camera occurred on the A40 near Paddington Green on October 31 of the previous year.

Unaware that the speed limit on that stretch of road had been reduced from 40mph to 30mph, he was caught driving at 37mph.

Despite promptly paying the fine and considering the matter settled, an alleged error came to light, with the Met blaming Forsyth for the omission of his driving license number on one of the forms.


Forsyth’s Letter to the Magistrate:

In an indignant letter to the magistrate, Forsyth addresses the administrative error and provides evidence of submitting the form with his driving license number.

He requests the court to reimpose the fine, which he is willing to pay immediately, but urges that no court costs be imposed, as the error was attributed to the Metropolitan Police, not him.

The Court’s Decision:

Forsyth’s case was dealt with through the single justice procedure, and he was sentenced without a court hearing.

Magistrate Robin Fawcett imposed a £60 fine, a £24 victim surcharge, and minimal costs, amounting to a total of £100.

Additionally, the author will receive three penalty points on his driving license.



Author Frederick Forsyth’s recent clash with the Metropolitan Police over a speeding ticket has brought to light the issue of resource allocation and priorities within the force.

Despite acknowledging the offense and promptly paying the fine, Forsyth found himself facing court due to an administrative error.

With his plea to reimpose the fine, the acclaimed writer hopes to emphasize the need for the police to focus on more pressing matters, such as solving crimes like burglaries, rather than pursuing minor traffic incidents.

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