Explosion in Wappingers Falls, New York Leaves Several Injured, Including Children

Introduction A recent explosion in Wappingers Falls, New York, has resulted in at least seven people being injured.

The incident occurred when a construction crew accidentally ruptured a natural gas line. This article provides details on the aftermath of the explosion and the ongoing response efforts.

 Damaged Family Home

House Collapse and Victims The explosion severely damaged a family home, causing a partial collapse. As a result, at least two victims have been discovered in the rubble. Tragically, some of the injured individuals include children.

Trapped Equipment Operator

Rescue Operation A heavy equipment operator is reported to be trapped within his machine, and first responders are making efforts to reach and rescue him.

Additionally, a state trooper, who was among the initial responders to the scene, is among the injured.

Request for Helicopters

Medical Transport In response to the casualties, officials have requested helicopters to transport the wounded to hospitals for medical attention.

The injured include a mother and her two children, who were seen emerging from the damaged home in critical condition.

 Public Safety Measures

Area Avoidance Local authorities have urged the public to avoid the affected area, which includes Main Street, Mesier Park, Mill Street, and High Street, to allow firefighters to carry out their work safely.

Governor’s Response

Governor’s Statement Governor Kathy Hochul has issued a statement in response to the incident, expressing concern for the Village of Wappingers Falls and deploying state emergency services personnel to aid in the response efforts.

 Cause of the Explosion

Gas Line Rupture According to reports from Central Hudson, the explosion was caused when a contractor inadvertently struck a 3/4-inch gas service line during excavation work, resulting in a fire and explosion.

 Service Disruptions Electric and Gas Services Affected The explosion led to the disruption of electric and natural gas services in the area. Service outages began at 1:30pm as safety measures were implemented.