Astrology in the Time of Pandemic

Astrology in the Time of Pandemic

The Age of UncertaintyOne of the few businesses that has been doing consistently well during the ongoing pandemic is Astrology.

The age of certainty certainly seems to have come to an end – for now.

People can no longer take their jobs, relationships, or lives for granted.

Many are yet to come to terms with the way in which their worlds and lives have changed.

It can all be quite overwhelming at times.

We need hope, reassurance, solace, but above all…answers.

Why is this happening to me How can I overcome this When will there be light at the end of the tunnel These are just some of the questions for which people need answers.

Astrology in the Time of PandemicAs governments and the medical community struggle to control the situation which keeps mutating constantly much like the virus, people have increasingly begun to repose trust in God or Astrology.

In fact, astrologers all over India report that their phones have been ringing non-stop for the past two years and there has been a quantum jump in revenues for many online portals that offer Astrology services.

Astrology during the PandemicAccording to a visiting faculty at the astrology department of Ranchi University, he has 10-20 phone consultations per day on an average.

Most of his clients are people who lost their jobs or suffered losses in business.

There are also people who are facing problems in love and marriage.

In short, the pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives.

Most people want to know about their future.

It’s not just unemployed people, but homemakers and students too are turning to astrologers, and some of them have never been into astrology previously.

Online astrology has grown in leaps and bounds, with apps and websites supplementing phone consultations.

Interestingly, many astrologers also play the role of counselors to the troubled souls who contact them for advice and guidance.

AstroVed: A Mission to Transform LivesAstroVed is one of the most renowned names in the digital space when it comes to astrology consultation and related spiritual services.

Founded with the aim of helping people to live happier and more fulfilled lives, they have seen rapid growth over the years as they added not only clients but also the best astrologers from all over the country who are now part of their Astro Speaks family.

Astrology works on the premise that human destiny is mapped by the planets and stars that are present in the sky when a person is born.

The horoscope is basically a diagram of the sky at the moment of one’s birth that shows the positions of the planets in the sky.

The planetary positions are said to be based on past karma.

According to Hinduism and Buddhism, our actions in this and previous births determine our fate in future lives.

So, destiny is, in essence, karma.

Seen from this perspective, many things that seem inexplicable seem to make more sense.

Thus, even if a person is very virtuous in his current life, he can suffer many hardships if his past life karma is bad.

This is where astrology claims to be of help.

It can reveal the karma that needs to be cleansed so that you can rectify what is wrong with your life.

Free Services and Remedial Services to Nullify KarmaOne of the most important objectives at AstroVed is to explore ways to help people nullify their karma so that they can lead better lives.

For this purpose, they are constantly designing new programs and services based on Scriptural remedies found in the ancient Vedas and Puranas.

During the pandemic they have been offering many free services as well as remedial services like Homas (Fire Labs), Poojas, and chanting of Mantras to ensure the well-being of people all over the world.

Their Free Services include Donation for Homa, Astrological Tools, Horoscope Predictions, Membership Programs, Birthstar Astrology Report, Moon Sign Report, Daily Panchangam, Numerology Report, Transit Reports, Hora Astrology, etc.

Many of the Free Services are still ongoing.

Remedial services include Dosha Remedies, Remedial Trips to Famous Temples (Powerspots), Priest Services, Grand Homas, Poojas, Mantra writing by proxy, and many more.

AstroVed offers a diverse portfolio of Astrology and Vedic-based solutions.

They have been funding research and development with a view to getting recognition for astrology as a valid science.

It has members from over 108 countries and offers services globally through mobile, online, and offline platforms.

Headquartered at Chennai, India, they have branches in Gurgaon, Hyderabad, and Kumbakonam, besides Pittsburgh and San Diego in the US.

As the pandemic shows no signs of abating, AstroVed is expecting continued demand for its services and a robust growth in revenues well into 2022.

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