Arsonists Set Dorset Town Ablaze: Dozen Cars Torched in Wave of Attacks

Arsonists Set Dorset Town Ablaze: Dozen Cars Torched in Wave of Attacks

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Residents of a Dorset town have described the scene as “like a war zone” after a wave of arson attacks resulted in the torching of twelve cars in the early hours of Monday.


Police and fire crews responded to incidents across the Broadstone, Wimborne, and Merley areas between 1am and 3am.

Dorset Police has initiated an investigation to identify those responsible for the fires, which affected twelve vehicles and one building.

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Grant Stewart, a local builder, likened the chaotic scene to a war zone, with people panicking and the sound of cars colliding.

Chloe Torring, a hairdresser, expressed her devastation after her car, which she had purchased just five months ago, was destroyed in one of the fires.

She described being woken up by her neighbor alerting her to the fire and feeling shocked and disbelieving at the sight.

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The eyewitness testimonies depict the chaotic and alarming nature of the events, with people awoken by loud bangs and witnessing cars engulfed in flames.


The emotional impact on the victims, such as Chloe Torring, is evident as they express shock, disbelief, and heartbreak over the loss of their vehicles.

The involvement of the police and fire crews indicates the seriousness of the situation and the efforts being made to investigate the incidents and bring those responsible to justice.

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The appeal for witnesses and CCTV/dashcam footage demonstrates the authorities’ commitment to gathering evidence and identifying the culprits.

It highlights the importance of cooperation between law enforcement and the public in solving such crimes and maintaining community safety.


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