Warnings Ignored: Newly Released Texts Reveal Army Reservists’ Concerns About Mass Shooter Six Weeks Before Tragedy

Warnings Ignored: Early Alerts About Mass Shooter Robert Card

Newly-released text messages have shed light on the extent of concerns expressed by Army Reservists regarding mass shooter Robert Card.

The servicemembers, who served alongside Card in the Army Reserves, reported their fears about his potential for violence six weeks before the tragic attack that claimed the lives of 18 people.

Fears Raised in September: Urgent Messages Among Reservists

In September, a sense of impending danger led the Army Reservists to take drastic measures.

They exchanged messages advising each other to “change the passcode” for the entrance gate to their base located in Saco, Maine.

Moreover, they warned one another to carry firearms in Card’s presence. The text messages reflected a deep concern for Card’s well-being and mental state.

One message from Sergeant Hodgson emphasized the need for action: “Change the passcode to the unit gate and be armed if Sergeant First Class Card does arrive. Please. I believe he’s messed up in the head.”

He continued, “And threaten the unit other and other places. I love [him] to death but I do not know how to help him, and he refuses to get help. I’m afraid he’s going to f**k up his life from hearing things he thinks he’s heard.”

In another message, Hodgson expressed a grim prediction, saying, “I think he’s going to snap and do a mass shooting.” These warnings were not taken lightly by the Army Reservists who recognized the gravity of the situation.

Reporting Fears to Authorities: Sheriff’s Deputies Notified

Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, Sergeant Hodgson reported his apprehensions to a supervisor, who subsequently informed sheriff’s deputies affiliated with the Sagadahoc County Sheriff’s Office. This step represented an effort to prevent a potential tragedy from unfolding.

File 6 Alert: A Missed Opportunity

Despite the Army Reservists’ alerts and concerns, the primary response from authorities was the issuance of a File 6 alert.

This alert was distributed to police departments throughout the state, warning them of Card’s status as “armed and dangerous.” Police were advised to exercise caution if they encountered him.

Deputies’ Efforts and Cancelation of Alert

In response to the File 6 alert, deputies made attempts to approach Card at his residence on two separate occasions. Unfortunately, these efforts were unsuccessful.

Exactly one week before the tragic incident, on October 18, the File 6 alert was canceled, diminishing the urgency surrounding Card’s situation.

Demands for Accountability: Families Seek Answers

The families of some of the victims who lost their lives in the October 25th massacre are demanding accountability from law enforcement.

They question why more was not done to intervene and prevent Card’s actions when early warnings were raised. The tragedy has left grieving families seeking answers and accountability.


The early warnings from concerned Army Reservists about Robert Card’s potential for violence, as revealed in the newly-released text messages, highlight the importance of taking such alerts seriously. The tragic outcome has left families grappling with the question of whether more could have been done to prevent the devastating loss of life.

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