Russian Border Breached: Ukrainian Saboteurs’ Invasion Thwarted – FSB Reports 100 Casualties

Russian Border Breached: Ukrainian Saboteurs’ Invasion Thwarted – FSB Reports 100 Casualties

A critical situation unfolds as a group of Ukrainian saboteurs launches a daring attack on Russia, attempting to break into the Kursk and Belgorod regions.

Driving pickup trucks, fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine engage in an assault that leads to a clash with Russian military forces.

Russian Military Response: Tanks and Assault During Invasion Attempt

As tensions rise, Russian military officers report the approach of Ukrainian tanks towards the border, providing fire support during the invasion attempt. Residents in the Kursk region witness shooting battles near the village of Tetkino, resulting in injuries.

Additionally, a resident of the Belgorod region is injured due to a drone crash, adding complexity to the unfolding events.

FSB Announcement: 100 Ukrainian Saboteurs Eliminated in Invasion Attempt

The Federal Security Bureau (FSB) of Russia delivers a significant announcement, revealing that as many as 100 Ukrainian saboteurs attempting to break into Russian territory have been annihilated.

The FSB discloses details of the confrontation, mentioning the obliteration of six enemy tanks, a Caesar self-propelled artillery mount, and 20 armored vehicles.

Russian Defence Ministry Statement: Ukrainian Formations Attempt Invasion in Three Directions

The Russian Ministry of Defence issues a statement, confirming that Ukrainian formations with tank support attempted to invade Russian territory from three directions.

The department asserts that all attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been successfully repelled, emphasizing the resilience of Russian forces.

Aerial Assault: 25 Ukrainian Drones Target Russia Overnight

In a separate wave of attacks, Russian air defenses intercept and shoot down 25 Ukrainian drones overnight.

The drones target various regions, including Kursk, Moscow, Oryol, Leningrad, Belgorod, Bryansk, and Tula.

Explosions are reported in multiple areas, with oil depots in Nizhny Novgorod and Oryol regions also under attack.

Preparations Revealed: Russian Forces Detect Attack Planning Days in Advance

Russian military correspondent Alexander Kots reveals that preparations for the attack on the Belgorod region were detected days in advance.

The Russian troops conduct targeted strikes to eliminate equipment and manpower in border areas.

Kots suggests that video footage of the attack may have been prepared in advance for information sabotage, coinciding with Russia’s upcoming presidential election.

Previous incidents of Ukrainian saboteurs’ attempts are highlighted.

Repeated Attacks: Ukrainian Saboteurs’ Persistent Efforts at the Border

The report concludes with details of previous attempts by Ukrainian saboteurs to break through the border, including incidents on March 11 and March 7.

The persistent efforts of these saboteur groups, armed with assault rifles, grenades, and explosives, demonstrate an ongoing challenge for Russian border security.