Armani Beauty Welcomes Sadie Sink as Their Youthful and Elegant Global Face

In a luxury New York hotel-suite, I meet with the freckle-faced and radiant Sadie Sink over Zoom.


Fresh from her time in Croatia filming the rock opera musical O’Dessa and hot off the success of the Oscar-nominated film “The Whale,” 2023 has proven to be a busy yet “beautiful” year for the young star.

As the finale season of Stranger Things is currently on hiatus, Sink embraces new challenges, starting with the world of beauty.

1) Nostalgic Fragrance:

For Sadie Sink, fragrance holds deep nostalgic value.

Her earliest and most enduring scent memory is that of her mother’s, which evokes feelings of comfort and fond memories.


Another cherished scent memory is associated with the birth of her little sister, a moment filled with excitement and joy that remains ingrained in her heart.

2) Embracing Simplicity:

When it comes to makeup, Sink believes in the “less is more” philosophy for her everyday life.

A simple brow gel or pencil is a go-to for her natural look, as she has rarely played characters with specific beauty styles.

Embracing her natural features, she appreciates the ease and authenticity of a subtle makeup approach.

3) Sunscreen: An Everyday Essential:

Amidst ever-changing skincare and makeup trends, one constant for Sink is sunscreen.


She values the importance of sun protection for her skin and recognizes it as a vital aspect of her daily routine.

4) Staying True to Herself:

Sadie Sink feels most like herself on a film set, immersed in her work and fulfilling her artistic passion.

Additionally, her true self emerges when she enjoys moments of solitude in her room, indulging in YouTube videos or watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

5) Style Inspiration from Characters:

The world of fashion often influences Sink’s personal style.

When playing Max in Stranger Things’ third season, she found herself embracing Max’s style, experimenting with colors, and drawing inspiration from the 80s.


Over time, the character’s style had a lasting impact on her real-life fashion choices.

6) Balancing Work and Play:

After completing significant projects, Sink finds it challenging to revert to a regular routine and sleeping schedule.

Nonetheless, she acknowledges the importance of taking breaks and intends to spend the summer in New York, planning to visit a friend in California.

7) Investing in Skincare:

Sadie Sink’s ultimate skincare favorite is May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon.

Although it comes with a higher price tag, she considers it a worthwhile investment, having used the product for several years.


This luxurious skincare item has become her holy grail and an integral part of her routine.

8) The Power of a Manicure:

Despite being an essential aspect of self-care, Sink occasionally forgets to get her nails done.

She realizes the significance of regular manicures and aims to incorporate them into her routine as a new beauty ritual.

9) Beauty and Major Life Moments:

Sink fondly remembers her first significant red carpet experience, which coincided with the premiere of Stranger Things’ second season.

This momentous occasion marked a turning point in her life and left a lasting impression of both excitement and nervousness.



As Sadie Sink embraces new challenges in her career and delves into the world of beauty, she imparts essential beauty lessons to ES Magazine.

From the power of nostalgic fragrances to the significance of investing in skincare and staying true to oneself, Sink’s journey exemplifies a harmonious blend of artistry, authenticity, and personal growth.


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