Ariana Grande Files for Divorce from Dalton Gomez Amid New Romance with Ethan Slater

Ariana Grande, the 30-year-old acclaimed actress and singer, has taken the formal step of filing for divorce from her husband, Dalton Gomez.

This decision comes nearly two months after her new partner, Ethan Slater, initiated divorce proceedings with his wife, Lilly Jay.

Significantly, Grande’s divorce filing aligns with her recent move to cohabitate with Slater, reflecting a substantial development in her personal life.

These legal moves unfolded concurrently on a Monday, as reported by TMZ, marking a coordinated decision by Grande and Gomez.

Grounds for Divorce

In her divorce filing, Ariana Grande, represented by the renowned celebrity lawyer Laura Wasser, cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the primary reason for seeking the dissolution of her two-year marriage.

This assertion indicates a mutual recognition that their relationship had reached an insurmountable impasse.

Demonstrating the synchrony of their actions, Dalton Gomez promptly followed suit with his own divorce filing.

TMZ’s insiders disclosed that the couple had meticulously resolved all outstanding matters before arriving at the courthouse.

Reportedly, Ariana will provide financial compensation to Gomez, and the divorce will soon be finalized.

Furthermore, it was revealed that a prenuptial agreement was in place, and the official date of separation was designated as February 20, 2023.

According to the same sources, the couple took their time in order to ensure a comprehensive and amicable settlement, thereby accounting for the delay between their separation and the divorce filing.

A Respectful Parting

Despite the profound change in their marital status, sources close to the situation have emphasized the absence of animosity between Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez.

They have navigated this transition with care and respect, maintaining a considerate and empathetic approach throughout the process.

It is evident that both parties are committed to parting ways on as harmonious terms as possible, prioritizing an outcome that is conducive to their respective well-being.

A Timeline of Ariana’s Relationships

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez embarked on their romantic journey in January 2020, culminating in their engagement 11 months later.

Their union was sealed in an intimate ceremony attended by fewer than 20 guests, held at their residence in Montecito, California, in May 2021.

Although Grande had shared photos from the occasion on her Instagram at the time, these have since been removed from her profile.

Interestingly, a few months prior to her divorce filing, in July, Ariana Grande’s new partner, Ethan Slater, initiated divorce proceedings with his wife, Lilly Jay.

This decision followed their marriage in 2018 and the birth of their infant son in August of the previous year.

Notably, Grande and Slater’s romantic connection blossomed during their time filming “Wicked” in London over the past year.

Reflection on a Complex Personal Journey

Ariana Grande’s decision to file for divorce from Dalton Gomez marks a significant chapter in her personal life, marked by transitions and evolving relationships.

It underscores the complex nature of navigating the intricacies of love and partnership within the realm of public scrutiny.

As she continues her journey, both in her personal and professional life, her fans and well-wishers will likely extend their support as she navigates the path forward.

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