Chairman of Presidential Committee Advocates Training and Employing Area Boys for Revenue Collection

Chairman of Presidential Committee Advocates Training and Employing Area Boys for Revenue Collection

Innovative Proposal for Revenue Generation

Taiwo Oyedele, the Chairman of the Presidential Committee on Tax Policy and Fiscal Reforms, has put forth a groundbreaking idea suggesting that area boys could be trained for tax collection roles, receiving decent salaries as an alternative to their current activities.

Area Boys as Potential Revenue Contributors

In a recent interview on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, Oyedele expressed his belief that integrating area boys and touts into tax collection efforts could significantly contribute to increased revenue for the government, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

Government’s Efforts to Streamline Taxation

Oyedele revealed ongoing efforts by the federal government to streamline and reduce multiple taxes across the country, recognizing the existing issues as both annoying and a nuisance.

Consultations with Stakeholders

The committee, led by Oyedele, has engaged in discussions with governors and other key stakeholders about the prospect of minimizing taxes and ensuring a comprehensive approach to tax reforms.

Balancing Livelihoods and Taxation

Highlighting the need to avoid disrupting the livelihoods of individuals, whether legitimate or not, Oyedele emphasized the potential for creating crises if avenues of income are abruptly cut off.

The proposed strategy involves training area boys and touts, providing them with uniforms, and incorporating them into tax-related roles.

Decent Salaries as an Incentive

The chairman suggested that by offering decent salaries and skills training, the employed area boys could transition to alternative occupations over time, creating a sustainable solution to their employment and contributing positively to the nation’s revenue.

Seeking Alignment from Stakeholders

Oyedele’s approach revolves around garnering support from all stakeholders, acknowledging that the collaboration of various entities, including the government, is crucial to achieving the envisioned comprehensive and beneficial tax reforms.

Charting the Path Forward

The overarching plan involves convincing stakeholders to embrace the broader vision, aligning their interests with the national agenda.

Oyedele believes that with a united effort, the proposed strategy can be a step toward what is deemed best for the country in terms of both revenue generation and social impact.

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