Bolt Driver’s Unconventional Response to AC Inquiry Sparks Laughter Online

Bolt Tales: When a Simple AC Inquiry Takes a Comedic Turn

A Twitter user recently added a dose of humor to the ongoing trend of sharing experiences, recounting a particularly amusing interaction with a Bolt driver.

The twist? It all unfolded over a straightforward question about the air conditioning in the car.

The Prelude: Seeking Comfort in a Bolt Ride

In the quest for a comfortable ride, the Twitter user opted for transparency and asked the Bolt driver whether the air conditioner was in perfect working condition before commencing the journey.

Little did they know that this innocent inquiry would trigger an unexpected response.

The Driver’s Quirky Comeback: Are You Frozen Food?

The Bolt driver, instead of assuring the passenger about the pristine state of the air conditioner, responded with a quirky query.

He asked whether the passenger was akin to frozen food, humorously implying that only frozen items needed the cold from an air conditioner.

An Unanticipated End: Trip Cancellation in Anger

To add to the humor, the Bolt driver, apparently not amused by the passenger’s query, decided to take an unconventional route. In a surprising twist, he canceled the trip, leaving the Twitter user both bemused and entertained.

Twitter Buzz: “Nothing Person No Go Experience for Bolt”

The amused passenger took to Twitter to share the screenshot of the chat, encapsulating the essence of the hilarious encounter with the caption, “Nothing person no go Experience for Bolt????????.” The post quickly gained traction, resonating with those who appreciate a good laugh, even in the midst of everyday experiences.

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