Are Bitcoins Secure? Should You Invest In Them? Know Vital Points

Are Bitcoins Secure? Should You Invest In Them? Know Vital Points

Bitcoins, a non-government regulated cryptocurrency, is booming all over the financial investment markets these days. This has caused some controversy in the financial industry, but it also means that transactions can be made anonymously and there is no security risk involved when making purchases. Now you may be asking yourself, are bitcoins secure? Should you invest in them at you can try it at this article? To help you make this decision, here are several vital points to consider about investing in Bitcoins. Read on to know more!

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What Are Bitcoins? An Overview

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoins are completely decentralized form of cryptocurrency which showed up in the picture in 2009. It’s not backed by any government or bank; instead, bitcoins can be purchased and spent online. While it does have some downsides (it’s not widely accepted by merchants, for example), bitcoins do have some distinct advantages over other currencies. 

Why Invest In Bitcoins?

Bitcoin cannot be traced in any physical form; it is completely digital. It exists online, stored in an owner’s wallet. Bitcoins were created in 2009 as a peer-to-peer currency. Peer-to-peer means that bitcoins are exchanged directly between users without going through banks or other intermediaries. Though all bitcoins are tracked and available on a public ledger, there are measures you can take to remain anonymous when using bitcoins for purchases or trades.

How To Start Investing In Bitcoins?

If you are looking to get started investing in Bitcoins, it is highly recommend starting with Bitcoin Era, a reliable online crypto trading platform. It is a free platform that makes it easy to buy and sell Bitcoins, among other cryptocurrencies. How to Start Investing in Bitcoin on Coinbase To start investing in Bitcoin, open up a free account on Coinbase. Follow their simple process to create your account and link up your bank account or credit card… once you’re set up, you can purchase as little as $1 worth of Bitcoin with US dollars.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoins- Points To Note

The biggest advantage of Bitcoins is that they’re fast, cheap and you can use them anywhere in the world. There are almost no transaction fees when you send money to someone or use your Bitcoin wallet to buy goods or services. 

However, there are certain risk factors associated with Bitcoin investment. Anytime someone has a new technology they want to promote, they point out that it’s faster, cheaper and more convenient than what came before. That doesn’t necessarily mean those features are always reasons to buy—just look at 3D TVs, which were supposed to be easier on your eyes than normal sets but proved otherwise for most people.

Future Scope of Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoins are a new form of currency that is revolutionizing our world. As they become more prevalent in society, people will start investing in them, meaning that if you invest now, you can potentially earn a lot of money when more companies accept Bitcoins as payment for goods and services. 

This means that your Bitcoins can have serious growth potential over time as more people enter into digital currency. The bad news is that since Bitcoin is still fairly new to consumers, there’s still a large amount of uncertainty about its security.

Diving deeper into the fact of Bitcoin value which is pretty volatile, and it can go up or down by thousands of dollars in a day. For example, after hitting an all-time high of over $4,000 on September 1st 2017, one bitcoin was worth about $2,667 just three days later. But don’t expect to make money off of your investment; as with any investment, you need to consider risks versus rewards when you decide whether it’s right for you.


A new wave of financial technologies is upon us and Bitcoin is one of them. Although its functionality still has a way to go, Bitcoins could prove to be an excellent choice for some investors. With a name like Bitcoin, it’s no surprise that cryptocurrencies have become popular in recent years. 

While there are many opportunities for investors, one risk to keep in mind is that, unlike traditional currencies and assets such as stocks or bonds, cryptocurrencies aren’t guaranteed by any central bank or government. Based on these aforementioned points, you should be able to make an informed decision. 

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