Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Pacheco Rescues Choking Infant in Centennial, Colorado


In a remarkable incident captured in Centennial, Colorado, Deputy Nick Pacheco, a hero cop, displayed incredible quick thinking and lifesaving skills as he came to the rescue of a one-month-old baby boy.

The infant had been left unconscious and turning blue due to choking on a mixture of breast milk and baby cereal.

The heart-stopping episode unfolded as Deputy Pacheco entered the parents’ apartment, swiftly making his way upstairs to a bedroom where the baby was in distress.

Immediate Action in Critical Moments

Deputy Pacheco wasted no time as he rushed to the scene.

Once in the room, he carefully took the baby, named Carlos, from his distressed mother.


The situation was dire, with the baby appearing blue and unresponsive.

Acting swiftly, Deputy Pacheco employed a technique to dislodge the obstruction in the baby’s airway.

He firmly patted the baby’s back, resulting in the dislodgment of the obstructing substance.

The immediate effect was apparent as Carlos regained consciousness and let out cries of relief.

CPR and Lifesaving Measures

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office commended Deputy Pacheco’s actions, describing his decisive response.


The officer swiftly initiated CPR on the baby, starting with chest compressions followed by back thrusts.

It was revealed that the baby had been choking on a thick combination of breast milk and baby cereal.

Notably, guidelines from the CDC recommend that infants should not be introduced to solid foods, including “infant” cereals, until they reach around six months of age, as they pose a choking hazard to younger children.

Importance of Timely Intervention

The incident serves as a reminder of the critical nature of timely and knowledgeable intervention in such situations.

Deputy Pacheco’s actions exemplify the importance of first responders’ training and preparedness in dealing with medical emergencies involving infants and young children.


Positive Outcome and Health

Following Deputy Pacheco’s lifesaving efforts, the baby was taken to Children’s Hospital Colorado to undergo thorough medical evaluation by paramedics from South Metro Fire Rescue.

Fortunately, Carlos was deemed to be in good health and was subsequently discharged. The prompt and effective response from Deputy Pacheco ensured a positive outcome for the baby, allowing him to return home safely.

In a similar heartwarming incident from the past year, a rookie cop in Louisville, Kentucky, demonstrated remarkable presence of mind and swift action in saving the life of a seven-day-old infant.

The officer’s quick response and appropriate techniques played a crucial role in reviving the baby’s breathing, underscoring the importance of well-prepared first responders in critical moments.

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