Apple Vision Pro Users Disappointed Over Lack of VR Adult Content

Apple Vision Pro Users Disappointed Over Lack of VR Adult Content

Apple Vision Pro owners find themselves in a state of disappointment and frustration as they discover a significant limitation to their $3,500 investment – the inability to access VR porn.

A vivid illustration of this dismay comes from a 3D porn enthusiast who, anticipating the arrival of their Apple Vision Pro headset, spent their “last night suffering” with the Meta Quest 3.

However, the excitement turned into unwelcome surprise when they realized that the high-priced goggles completely lack support for VR adult content.

Customer Complaints Emerge

As reported by the relentless team at 404 Media, a growing number of individuals who purchased the Apple Vision Pro with the intention of using it for adult-oriented experiences have voiced their complaints about the absence of VR porn functionality.

This unexpected drawback has sparked discontent among users who had high hopes for an immersive 3D porn experience with their new Apple headset.

The Allure of Immersive 3D Porn

The concept of immersive 3D porn has been a tantalizing prospect for both consumers and content creators for quite some time.

As VR technology inches closer to delivering truly remarkable experiences, the demand for adult content in the virtual realm has expanded.

With this growing demand, it appears that the expectations of users seeking adult experiences on devices like the Apple Vision Pro have risen significantly.

Insights into Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro, available for preorder, has generated attention for several reasons beyond its VR porn limitations.

Notably, users can order Zeiss Optical Inserts separately, allowing them to share the device with friends or family. However, amidst the buzz surrounding its features, a noteworthy concern has surfaced – the headset’s weight.

Weighing between 21.2 to 22.9 ounces (600 to 650 grams), depending on Light Seal and headband configuration, it has become a topic of discussion in the tech community.

This weight places it alongside the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, considerably heavier than competitors like the Meta Quest 3 (18.2 ounces) and PlayStation VR2 (19.8 ounces).