Apple Draws Criticism for Adding Pronoun Information to Contacts, Users Threaten to Abandon iPhones

Apple Faces User Backlash for Pronoun Inclusion in Contacts

Apple’s latest iOS 17 update has triggered widespread fury among iPhone users, with the tech giant criticized for incorporating pronoun information in the Contacts app.

The move, perceived by some as ‘woke,’ has prompted discussions about abandoning iPhones.

Outrage on Social Media Over ‘Woke’ Feature

Social media platforms, particularly X (formerly Twitter), became a battleground of criticism as Apple’s official account shared a guide on adding pronouns to contacts.

Many users expressed outrage, deeming the feature unnecessary and a questionable use of an update.

Users Threaten to Abandon iPhones

In response to the ‘woke’ update, iPhone users have voiced strong objections, with some even contemplating switching to alternative devices.

The contentious move has fueled debates about the direction Apple is taking with its recent updates.

Apple’s Pronoun Guide Sparks Humorous and Frustrated Comments

Commenters on X reacted with a mix of humor and frustration, labeling Apple as overly ‘woke.’ Some went as far as suggesting they would refuse calls from individuals using the new pronoun feature, reflecting the divisive nature of the update.

Confusion Arises Over Pronoun Display

Amid the uproar, confusion emerged regarding the update, as some believed it allowed users to add pronouns to their own contact cards.

However, the default setting ensures that a caller’s pronouns are displayed only if the user has chosen to add this information.

Users Consider Leaving Apple Ecosystem

For a segment of iPhone users, the pronoun inclusion proved to be a tipping point, leading them to contemplate abandoning Apple products altogether.

Social media feeds filled with expressions of frustration and jokes about selling iPhones.

Apple’s History of Controversial Updates

This isn’t the first time Apple has faced criticism for incorporating ‘woke’ features. Last year, a ‘clean energy charging’ option sparked user fury, and now, the pronoun addition adds to a series of updates in the Contacts app, including the controversial NameDrop feature.

Pronoun Feature Aims for Multilingual Enhancement

The addition of pronouns is not only controversial but is also intended to enhance the functionality of bilingual apps.

Users can now include pronouns in multiple languages to ensure accurate grammar usage when displaying information in different language settings.

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