Coup Attempt Foiled by Burkina Faso’s Military Junta

Coup Attempt Foiled by Burkina Faso’s Military Junta

Attempted Coup Unveiled in Burkina Faso

The military junta currently in power in Burkina Faso, which itself seized control from a previous military regime, has announced the thwarting of an attempted coup.

Official Statement on the Coup Attempt

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Rimtalba Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo, the spokesman for the junta, revealed that certain army officers had made an effort to seize power and disrupt the country’s stability.

Military’s Response and Commitment to Investigation

The junta, expressing its commitment to transparency, pledged to shed light on the coup plot.

It expressed regret that officers, who had sworn an oath to defend their homeland, had become involved in such an endeavor.

Detentions and Pursuit of Suspects

As part of the response to the coup attempt, the military government disclosed that four individuals had been detained, while two remained at large.

An investigation was initiated based on credible allegations regarding a conspiracy against state security involving officers.

Unmasking the Instigators

The statement emphasized the seriousness of the coup attempt, which aimed to attack the institutions of the Republic and create chaos.

The regime stated its determination to uncover the instigators behind this plot through ongoing investigations.

Protecting Sovereignty Amidst Terrorism Threats

In conclusion, the junta reiterated its commitment to safeguarding Burkina Faso’s sovereignty and liberating the nation from the terrorist groups linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State.

These insurgent organizations have been a source of instability in Burkina Faso and neighboring regions.

The Junta’s Rise to Power

It’s worth noting that the junta came to power following two military coups within a year. Captain Ibrahim Traoré, the leader of the junta, assumed control on September 30, 2022, marking the country’s second coup in just eight months.

These coups were driven in part by the escalating insurgency posed by armed groups associated with al Qaeda and Islamic State, which have posed significant challenges to Burkina Faso and its neighboring nations.

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