Animal Rising Activist Boasts of Preferential Treatment from Police, Highlighting Potential Bias

Animal Rising Activist Boasts of Preferential Treatment from Police, Highlighting Potential Bias

…By Henry George for TDPel Media. An eco-warrior associated with the campaign group Animal Rising has proudly revealed that he has received preferential treatment from police officers.


Despite being arrested on eight occasions, the activist boasted about being provided with “hotel-like conditions” prior to Animal Rising’s plan to disrupt the upcoming Epsom Derby.

This revelation sheds light on the activist’s experiences and raises questions about potential biases in law enforcement.

Inside Look at Animal Rising’s Disruption Strategy

The Daily Express managed to infiltrate Animal Rising’s meetings, during which activists discussed their strategies for disrupting major sporting events.

One such event was the Grand National at Aintree, where activists attempted to scale fences in order to access the racetrack.

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Unique Encounters in Police Custody

During a training session, drag queen Beau King Houston, a member of Animal Rising, reportedly shared his positive experiences in police custody.

Houston claimed to have “never had a bad experience” while being detained and even boasted about receiving favorable treatment.


He described instances where he was allowed to request a walk outside if feeling claustrophobic and was even offered moisturizer by a police officer.

These anecdotes provide insight into the varying treatment activists may receive during their arrests.

Clash at the Grand National and Attempted Cancellation

Animal Rising previously planned to disrupt the Grand National at Aintree, resulting in clashes between protesters and law enforcement.

The scheduled start of the race was delayed due to the confrontations, prompting the eco-zealots to launch a petition calling for the cancellation of the widely watched event.

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This section highlights the group’s determination to disrupt and potentially cause the cancellation of major sporting events.

Preparations for the Epsom Derby

As the Epsom Derby approaches, Animal Rising activists have been advised to dress smartly to blend in with the large crowd at the racecourse.

The annual racing event, held in Surrey since 1780, attracts tens of thousands of spectators each year, with estimates suggesting that this year’s festival could draw crowds of up to 130,000 people over the two-day event.

Animal Rising is preparing to storm the racetrack on June 2 and 3, with plans to assemble up to 1,000 protesters who intend to secure themselves to the perimeter fencing using glue.


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These details provide an overview of the impending disruption planned by the group.

Jockey Club’s Response and Concerns

Nevin Truesdale, the chief executive of the Jockey Club, expressed concern over the planned disruptions and emphasized the importance of maintaining security measures.

While respecting the right to peaceful and lawful protest, Truesdale strongly condemned any illegal and reckless attempts to breach security, as they pose a risk to the safety of participants.

This statement underscores the need to balance the right to protest with the need for public safety.


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