Angela Rayner to is ready to Labour’s vision of ‘real life levelling up’

Labour’s Commitment to Workers and Housing: Angela Rayner’s Pledge

Angela Rayner, Labour’s deputy leader, is making a commitment to prioritize pay and housing as part of a broader agenda for “real-life leveling up” for workers in the UK. She will unveil Labour’s proposed new deal for workers during her address to the TUC Congress.

Setting the Stage for Levelling Up

In her role as the newly appointed Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities Secretary, Rayner will outline her approach to leveling up, while simultaneously critiquing the government’s approach, which she describes as offering “false promises and sound bites” that have resulted in the British public feeling “leveled down.”

Support for Labour’s Policies

The TUC has conducted new polling, surveying more than 2,000 individuals, to coincide with Rayner’s speech. According to the TUC, the polling demonstrates substantial support for Labour’s policies, including the banning of zero-hours contracts, hire and fire practices, and the provision of employment rights from the very first day of a job.

Personal Experience and Commitment

Angela Rayner will share her personal journey, emphasizing the pivotal role played by a Labour government in leveling the playing field for her. She highlights how access to a council house provided her and her son with a stable home, enabling her to secure employment and build a better life. Rayner acknowledges the importance of the minimum wage, union membership, and local authority jobs in her own advancement and expresses a commitment to offering similar opportunities to others.

Real Levelling Up vs. Government’s Approach

Rayner contrasts her own experiences of genuine leveling up with what she perceives as the government’s hollow promises. She criticizes the decline in housebuilding and wages across the country, characterizing the government’s version of leveling up as deceptive. She insists that substantive action is needed, not just rhetoric or politically driven handouts.

Labour’s Comprehensive Plan

Angela Rayner outlines Labour’s comprehensive plan, which includes the creation of good jobs nationwide and raising living standards through their New Deal for Working People. She emphasizes the importance of decent work and housing, viewing them as the foundations for thriving lives and communities. Rayner also stresses the need to empower communities and local leaders to foster strong, sustainable economies.

Commitment to Housing

In her pledge, Rayner reaffirms Labour’s commitment to addressing the housing crisis by constructing more affordable homes, prioritizing local residents, and emphasizing the significance of council housing in the mix.

Union Support and a “Game Changer”

At a fringe meeting during the conference, Angela Rayner expresses her determination to not let down unions if she assumes the role of deputy prime minister. She sees Labour’s new deal as a transformative force for workers and ethical employers alike, asserting that it will positively impact lives and represent a game-changer in the realm of workers’ rights and housing.

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