Andrew Boff Launches Sixth Bid to Become Tory Mayoral Candidate with Strong Grassroots Backing

Andrew Boff Launches Sixth Bid to Become Tory Mayoral Candidate with Strong Grassroots Backing

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Longtime critic of Boris Johnson, Andrew Boff, has announced his sixth attempt to become the Tory mayoral candidate.


He claims to have garnered significant support from grassroots activists, with the backing of 50 councillors across 15 boroughs.

Boff, who currently serves as the chairman of the London Assembly, is an experienced City Hall veteran and has been an assembly member since 2008.

Despite his past criticisms of Johnson, Boff’s support from Tory councillors positions him as a frontrunner in the race for the party’s mayoral nomination.

Analysis and Commentary:

Andrew Boff’s bid for the Tory mayoral candidacy showcases his resilience and determination to secure the position.

His success in gaining the support of grassroots activists demonstrates his ability to mobilize party members and build a strong base of support.

As the chairman of the London Assembly, Boff possesses valuable experience in scrutinizing the mayor’s actions and policies, which could enhance his credibility as a candidate.


Boff’s decision to break ranks and call for Boris Johnson’s resignation during the partygate scandal underscores his willingness to stand up against party leadership when necessary.

This independent streak might appeal to voters looking for a candidate who prioritizes integrity and accountability.

The competition for the Tory mayoral nomination is stiff, with other notable candidates already in the running, including assembly members Susan Hall and Nick Rogers, as well as Samuel Kasumu, a councillor from Hertfordshire.

Boff’s main rival appears to be Shaun Bailey, who secured the nomination for the 2021 mayoral election, with Boff finishing in second place.

Boff’s persistent attempts to secure his party’s mayoral nomination in multiple elections highlight his unwavering commitment to public service and his determination to lead London.

In terms of policy priorities, Boff’s focus on scrapping the UIez expansion, boosting local policing, and addressing the housing crisis by building more family homes aligns with the concerns of many Londoners.

His promise to tackle rising crime rates and deliver quality housing speaks to the safety and affordability issues faced by residents of the city.

Boff’s description of London under Sadiq Khan’s mayoralty as a city divided and in need of healing resonates with voters seeking a unifying figure.


His emphasis on unity and his intention to bridge divisions could appeal to those who believe that London needs a leader who can bring people together.

However, Boff faces the challenge of overcoming his previous failures to secure the Tory mayoral nomination in several previous elections.

While persistence can be viewed as a positive quality, it remains to be seen whether party members will see his determination as an asset or question his ability to win the general election against the incumbent, Sadiq Khan.

The upcoming Tory mayoral candidate selection process will be crucial for Boff’s chances.

The support of over 50 councillors gives him a significant advantage, but he must still convince party members to choose him as the candidate who can defeat Sadiq Khan.

The outcome of the selection process, scheduled for July 19, will determine whether Boff’s long-held ambition to become the Tory mayoral candidate will finally be realized.


Andrew Boff’s sixth bid to become the Tory mayoral candidate is marked by his strong support from grassroots activists and Tory councillors.

As an experienced assembly member and the chairman of the London Assembly, Boff brings valuable insight and scrutiny to the race.


While his persistent attempts to secure the nomination and his focus on unity and key policy areas are commendable, he faces a challenging competition and must convince party members that he is the candidate who can defeat Sadiq Khan in the upcoming mayoral elections.

The outcome of the selection process will determine whether Boff

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