Amidst allegations of a fixed boxing match, Charles Okocha initiates new training, calling for a rematch.

Amidst allegations of a fixed boxing match, Charles Okocha initiates new training, calling for a rematch.

Charles Okocha’s Call for Rematch

Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha, remains resolute in his plea for a rematch against Portable after his recent defeat in a high-profile celebrity boxing match.

Portable’s Victory and Allegations

In the bout held on December 26, Portable emerged victorious, securing the coveted prize belt, although Charles Okocha claims the match was marred by foul play.

Allegations of Cheating

Okocha accused Portable of cheating, specifically mentioning the removal of boxing gloves during the third round, which he believed affected the match’s outcome.

Portable’s Response and Boasting

Despite the allegations, Portable appeared unyielding in his triumph, proudly boasting about his win through various videos and adamantly refusing to entertain the idea of surrendering the belt for a potential rematch.

Charles Okocha’s Stand and Social Media Reaction

Taking his case to social media, Okocha, donning boxing gear, asserted the match had been rigged and emphasized the sole desire for a fair rematch. His video gained traction, sparking a flurry of reactions across various platforms.

Social Media Reactions

The reactions flooded in, with many echoing Okocha’s call for a rematch, citing concerns about fairness and the need to rectify what they perceived as an unfair outcome. Some suggested legal recourse, while others emphasized the significance of holding the rematch at a prominent venue like the national stadium.

Ongoing Discussion and Public Opinion

The online discourse remained intense, with opinions divided between those supporting Okocha’s plea for a fair rematch and those questioning the validity of his claims given Portable’s alleged skillful blows during the match.

Video Content

Accompanying these discussions, a video showcasing the events and statements made by the involved parties circulated, adding fuel to the ongoing debate and amplifying public interest in the call for a rematch.