Amide Technologies Secures $18 Million in Series A Extension Funding to Scale On-Demand Complex Peptide Manufacturing Platform

Amide Technologies Secures $18 Million in Series A Extension Funding to Scale On-Demand Complex Peptide Manufacturing Platform

Amide Technologies Secures $18M to Fuel On-Demand Peptide Manufacturing Revolution

Amide Technologies, a biotech startup pioneering on-demand complex peptide manufacturing, has secured a $18 million funding boost.

This latest Series A Extension round, led by Engine Ventures and joined by Forcefield Venture Fund, brings Amide’s total funding to an impressive $27 million.

The fresh capital will fuel Amide’s ambitious growth plans:

Scale operations: Amide will expand its production capacity and infrastructure to meet the growing demand for its innovative peptide manufacturing platform.

Build new instrumentation: The company plans to develop advanced tools and technologies further enhancing its peptide synthesis capabilities.

Launch pilot programs: Amide will partner with pharmaceutical companies to test and refine its platform in real-world drug development scenarios.

Amide’s proprietary Automated Fast Flow Peptide Synthesis (AFPS) method is a game-changer in the field of peptide drug design.

Unlike traditional Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) limited to around 40 amino acids, AFPS utilizes heat and flow to reliably synthesize complex peptides of up to 120 amino acids.

This opens doors for previously unachievable peptide structures, including mirror image proteins and branched molecules, with vast potential for therapeutic applications.

Born out of MIT’s prestigious Pentelute Lab, Amide is led by a seasoned team of industry veterans:

Mark Simon, PhD: A former Ginkgo Bioworks scientist and the mastermind behind Amide’s platform technology.

Philip Dixon: Former CIO of Silverrail Technologies and Google veteran, bringing expertise in scaling operations and navigating mergers and acquisitions.

Jeremy Wertheimer: Founder and CEO of ITA Software, serving as an Amide co-founder and Board Member alongside MIT Professor of Chemistry Brad Pentelute, PhD.

Amide’s technology is already making waves in the pharmaceutical landscape.

Collaborations with The Salk Institute and Velia Therapeutics demonstrate the platform’s ability to manufacture previously

impossible peptides, like mirror image enzymes and multimeric polyamides, with applications in various therapeutic areas.

With this significant funding injection and a passionate team at the helm, Amide is poised to revolutionize the way complex peptides are designed and manufactured, paving the way for a future of more effective and innovative peptide-based therapies.


$18 million Series A Extension for Amide Technologies.

Funding to accelerate growth, instrumentation development, and pilot programs with pharma giants.

AFPS platform enables synthesis of complex peptides up to 120 amino acids, surpassing traditional limitations.

Experienced leadership team from MIT and industry heavyweights.

Partnerships with The Salk Institute and Velia Therapeutics showcase Amide’s impact in real-world drug development.

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