Pentagon Developing New Nuclear Gravity Bomb 24 Times More Powerful Than Hiroshima Nuke

What is the B61-13?

The B61-13 is a new nuclear gravity bomb that the US is developing. It is the 13th variant of the B61 family of bombs, and it will be the most powerful nuclear bomb in the US arsenal.

The B61-13 will have the same explosive yield as its predecessor, the B61-7, which is estimated to be 360,000 tons.

How does the B61-13 compare to the Hiroshima bomb?

The B61-13 is 24 times more powerful than the uranium-based atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

The Hiroshima bomb had an explosive yield of about 15 kilotons.

Why is the US developing the B61-13?

The US is developing the B61-13 to replace the B61-7, which has a shelf-life of only 12 years. The B61-13 will also be more accurate than the B61-7, thanks to its guided tail kit.

What have officials revealed about the B61-13?

Officials have revealed that the B61-13 will be deliverable by modern aircraft and that it will strengthen deterrence of adversaries and assurance of allies and partners.

However, officials have also said that no specific threats sparked the development of the B61-13.

What do experts think of the B61-13?

Some experts have criticized the B61-13, arguing that it is unnecessary and that it could escalate tensions with other nuclear powers. Other experts have defended the B61-13, arguing that it is a necessary modernization of the US nuclear arsenal.


The B61-13 is a new and powerful nuclear bomb that the US is developing. It is unclear why the US is developing the B61-13, but some experts believe that it is a way to replace the B83-1 bomb, which is even more powerful.

The development of the B61-13 has been met with mixed reactions, with some experts criticizing it and others defending it.

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