Study Reveals Denver to Puerto Vallarta Flight Route as One of the Bumpiest in the U.S

Study Reveals Denver to Puerto Vallarta Flight Route as One of the Bumpiest in the U.S

Denver to Puerto Vallarta Route Tops List of Turbulent U.S. Flights

A recent study by has identified the flight route from Denver, Colorado, to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, as one of the most turbulent journeys in the United States.

Analyzing 150,000 active airline routes and 500 major airports worldwide, the turbulence forecast site released a report detailing the bumpiest flight routes of 2023.

Rockiest Routes Revealed

The analysis pinpointed the trip between Nashville, Tennessee, and Raleigh-Durham Airport in North Carolina as the rockiest, closely followed by routes between Charlotte and Pittsburgh, and Denver to Puerto Vallarta.

Notably, airports in New York City and Boston claimed two spots each within the top 10 routes experiencing the highest turbulence.

Understanding Turbulence Levels

Turbulence levels, ranging from light to extreme, were categorized based on their impact.

Light turbulence equates to a ‘smooth flight,’ while moderate turbulence suggests ‘difficulty in walking and with food services.’ ‘Severe’ turbulence results in ‘violent and sudden changes in altitude,’ and ‘extreme’ turbulence renders an aircraft ‘practically impossible to control,’ although such instances are exceedingly rare.

Safety and Causes of Flight Turbulence

Flight turbulence, resulting from changes in air currents and pressure around the plane, poses no major safety risks.

A long-haul Dreamliner captain emphasized that turbulence, especially clear air turbulence at high altitudes, is predictable and often associated with intercontinental jet streams.

Despite being unpleasant, high-altitude turbulence is not unsafe, and pilots rely on shared reports from other aircraft, as it is not visible on radar.

Turbulent Airports and Global Rankings

Portland International Airport secured the top spot for the highest average turbulence in 2023, with Denver and Las Vegas following closely.

The study also provided rankings for the most turbulent airports worldwide, with Santiago in Chile leading the list, followed by airports in Europe, North America, and Oceania.

Interactive Turbulence Maps for Travelers

For travelers seeking real-time turbulence forecasts, offers an interactive map updated every six hours, providing insights for the current time and future periods up to 24 hours.

The website also presents static turbulence maps for the world, the U.S., and Europe, along with rankings for the most turbulent routes and airports globally.

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