Troy Bohling, 31, Convicted of Horrific Assault on American Tourists

Troy Bohling, 31, Convicted of Horrific Assault on American Tourists

A shocking incident unfolded near Neuschwanstein Castle, as 31-year-old Troy Bohling from Lincoln Park, Michigan, faced sentencing for the rape and murder of Kelsey Chang, 22, and the assault on Eva Liu, 21.

The highly popular tourist destination in Schwangau, Germany, witnessed a brutal crime that has now led to a life sentence for Bohling.

Details of the Tragic Incident: Assault Near Neuschwanstein Castle

Bohling befriended the victims near the Maria Bridge, offering a picturesque view of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, famously used by Disney.

Luring them away with the promise of a better vantage point, he attacked Liu, raping and throttling her, and threw Chang down a ravine when she tried to intervene.

Chang survived with severe injuries, while Liu succumbed to her injuries in the hospital.

Legal Proceedings and Sentencing: Life Imprisonment for Bohling

The court in Kempten, southern Germany, sentenced Bohling to life imprisonment, citing the ‘particular gravity’ of the crime.

This designation means he won’t be eligible for automatic parole after 15 years, typical for non-aggravated murder.

Despite not contesting the murder charge, Bohling sought a finding that it wasn’t aggravated.

Neuschwanstein Castle: A Popular Tourist Destination

Located about 65 miles southwest of Munich, Neuschwanstein Castle draws approximately 1.4 million visitors yearly.

The horrific incident involving Bohling and the American tourists brought attention to the vulnerability of unsuspecting visitors at such iconic locations.

Profiles of the Victims: Kelsey Chang and Eva Liu

Victims Kelsey Chang and Eva Liu, recent graduates of the University of Illinois, met a tragic fate near Neuschwanstein.

Chang survived with injuries, describing the harrowing fall, while Liu, from Naperville, Illinois, lost her life due to the severity of her injuries.

Bohling’s Disturbing Actions and Legal History

Bohling, during the assault, photographed and filmed key scenes of the crime, leading to his arrest in front of horrified tourists.

The court revealed disturbing details, including Bohling’s use of violent pornography on his phone during the attack. His legal history, including a past charge of embezzlement in 2016, adds complexity to the case.

Community Insights: Bohling’s Background and Reactions

Living near Detroit, Bohling was described by neighbors as ‘quiet’ and not very friendly.

Former classmates remembered him as shy, playing in the school band, and participating in activities like ‘Dungeons and Dragons.’

Friends expressed shock, describing him as ‘introverted’ and ‘peculiar,’ making the recent attack contrary to the person they knew.


The sentencing of Troy Bohling for the rape and murder near Neuschwanstein Castle sends shockwaves through the community.

As legal proceedings unfold, the details of the brutal assault and Bohling’s background shed light on the complexities of this tragic incident.

The iconic tourist destination now holds a somber story, reminding visitors of the unforeseen dangers that can unfold even in the most enchanting places.