American Teen Model Delays College to Serve in IDF Amidst Hamas Conflict

Dallas-based model Megan Daniels, 19, postponed her college education to enlist in the Israel Defence Forces.

The Texan is regarded as a “Lone Soldier,” meaning she is unsupported by relatives in Israel.

At the age of twelve, Daniels announced to her family that she wanted to join the IDF.

The newest American to be called up to the front lines of Israel’s war against Hamas is a teenage model from the Dallas area.

In one instance, Megan Daniels, a 19-year-old, completed her foundational training a few days prior to Hamas’s catastrophic attack on Israel, which claimed 1,400 lives.

Israeli forces are currently preparing to invade Gaza in retaliation for the terrorist attacks.

Daniels, 19, is one of 21 “Lone soldiers,” or members of the IDF who do not have relatives in Israel to assist them, and is currently in Israel awaiting her assignment.

According to WFAA, most of these troops are from Texas.

Daniels recently completed her studies at Parish Episcopal School in Plano, Texas, but she postponed attending college in order to travel to Israel.

Eddie Daniels, Megan’s father, told KXAS that “I believe she hatched this plan when she was on a visit to Israel in middle school.”

“She wanted to join the IDF in order to support Israel in the way that she felt was most appropriate.”

The dual American-Israeli citizen was in Tel Aviv for work when Hamas struck Israel on October 7.

Days before the onslaught, she had just finished her basic training.

Her mother Taryn told WFAA, “We are terrified, and she is scared, because you never anticipate something of this scale happening.”

“She’s a lot braver and stronger than I am; her strength, determination, and commitment to this is astounding.”

The model-turned-soldier has shared tidbits of her time in Israel on social media over the past few months.

Daniels, who is represented by Matriarch Model Management, has a plethora of gorgeous and bikini-clad photos on her Instagram account.

She makes light of the fact that she was returned home from the army on her first day in one TikTok video.

She’s had support from home, even though it’s half a world away.

“Everyone in Israel has seen that picture of the Dallas skyline that has been going around, and they’re all so touched by the support they’re getting from America,” her mother said.

“My daughter did ask me to share with you specifically.”

Daniels saw and treasured the pictures of a blue and white Dallas skyline in support of Israel.

In the meantime, Megan’s parents and friends have been collecting money for IDF members like Megan.

All funds raised will support field hospitals, armoured ambulances, medical supplies, plasma, and hygiene kits through Friends of the IDF.

“Many of us believe that if I had been alive during the Holocaust, I would have taken action,” Eddy said.

Now that she’s in Israel, she has the ability to take action.

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