American Mother Arrested for Faking Daughter’s Cancer Diagnosis She’s Been Using As A Reason For Donations

In a shocking turn of events, an Ohio mother, Pamela Reed, was apprehended on January 8 for orchestrating an elaborate scam where she allegedly duped friends, family, and community members into believing her 7-year-old daughter was battling cancer.

Reed, 41, is accused of fabricating a complex narrative surrounding her child’s health, including claims of blindness, acute myeloid leukemia, and regular seizures.

Deceptive Tactics and Financial Exploitation:

Reed reportedly engaged in deceptive practices, even shaving her daughter’s head to further the deception.

Over the years, community members generously contributed to fundraising efforts, believing the family needed financial assistance for the child’s medical costs.

Reed’s deceptive scheme involved presenting falsified documents, including prescriptions, to portray her daughter’s fabricated health conditions.

These actions led to substantial monetary contributions, some of which Reed allegedly pocketed for personal gain.

Discovery by Elementary School Nurse:

The intricate web of deception began to unravel when an elementary school nurse discovered discrepancies in Reed’s narrative.

Reed had informed the nurse that her daughter, identified as AR, was undergoing cancer treatments, leading to missed school hours.

However, the nurse’s suspicion arose when she found that AR was not blind in her right eye, contrary to Reed’s claims.

Confession and Motive:

Upon investigation, it was revealed that AR did not have cancer or leukemia, prompting Reed to confess to fabricating documents, repackaging prescriptions, and administering unnecessary seizure medication.

Reed admitted to continuing the ruse because she enjoyed the support garnered from her fabricated story.

Financial Exploitation through Online Fundraisers:

Reed had been actively posting about her daughter’s alleged health struggles since October 2017 on a dedicated page, sharing links to online fundraisers.

The funds raised, under the pretext of medical expenses, were purportedly funneled into Reed’s pockets.

Legal Ramifications and Family Dynamics:

Reed faces a felony charge of theft by deception, with a bond set at $50,000.

The involvement of Reed’s husband in the plot remains unclear, but it is known that he was not present during Reed’s arrest, and their two children were subsequently removed from the home.


The arrest sheds light on a disturbing case of exploitation and deception, as Reed’s fabricated narrative duped individuals and organizations, resulting in financial contributions under false pretenses.

The legal proceedings will further investigate the extent of Reed’s actions and the involvement of other parties in this elaborate scheme.

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