Ambulance Queues Reach 10-Hour Wait Outside Hospitals, NHS Urged to Admit Patients to Corridors

Ambulance Delays Surge

Recent NHS England figures underscore the severity of the situation, with one in three patients enduring waits exceeding 30 minutes and one in seven waiting over an hour, well beyond the targeted 15-minute timeframe.

The primary cause attributed to this crisis is the lack of available space in hospitals, exacerbated by reduced capacity due to striking junior doctors.

Unconventional Solution Proposed

Daren Mochrie, Chair of the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives, acknowledges that admitting patients into corridors is far from ideal.

However, he emphasizes the potential benefits, stating that the presence of medical professionals in corridors reduces the risk to patients compared to those left waiting in ambulances.

Handover Rules Stretched

While NHS rules dictate a 15-minute handover target, the reality is far from meeting this goal.

Delays extending beyond an hour are becoming more frequent, resulting in ambulances queuing for hours outside hospitals, hampering their ability to respond to incoming emergency calls.

Strain on NHS Evident

The latest health service data reveals a significant strain on the NHS, with ambulances losing almost 29,000 hours in handover delays during the week ending December 17.

Though lower than last year’s equivalent week, the situation remains critical, reflecting the ongoing challenges faced by the NHS during the winter season.

Bed Capacity and Seasonal Pressures

NHS bed occupancy rates are at 96%, the second-highest on record, despite efforts to free up beds ahead of junior doctors’ strikes and the holiday season.

Over 12,700 beds were occupied daily by patients awaiting discharge, contributing to the strain.

Walkouts by junior doctors further compound the problem, with Health Secretary Victoria Atkins warning of prolonged hospital stays.

Ministerial Crackdown and Striking Junior Doctors

In response to the crisis, Health Secretary Victoria Atkins initiated a crackdown on five underperforming NHS trusts with the longest A&E waiting times and ambulance handovers.

The ongoing strikes by junior doctors pose additional challenges, with concerns raised about the potential impact on patient care and hospital staffing levels.

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