Amber Rose Faces Backlash After Endorsing Donald Trump for 2024 Presidential Race

Amber Rose Faces Backlash After Endorsing Donald Trump for 2024 Presidential Race

Amber Rose, the 40-year-old model and activist, has recently revealed her endorsement of Donald Trump for the 2024 Presidential race, igniting a storm of criticism from her followers.

On Monday, Rose posted a photo on social media featuring herself with Trump, 77, and his wife Melania, 54, at a black-tie event.

In her caption, she expressed her support with the phrase “Trump 2024 ususus,” which immediately drew a wave of negative reactions from fans in the comments section.

A History of Advocacy

Rose, who has been a prominent advocate for women’s rights, founded the Slutwalk movement in 2015 to combat rape culture and victim blaming.

Her support for Trump, who has faced numerous sexual harassment allegations and played a key role in the overturning of Roe v. Wade, has left many of her supporters feeling betrayed and confused.

Fan Reactions and Criticisms

The backlash was swift and intense. One user, @nubian_throne, commented, “Imagine being an ‘advocate’ for women’s rights and endorsing Trump and his party who reversed Roe V Wade. Wild.”

Producer and actor Nathan Hale Williams also expressed his disappointment, stating, “Unfollow with the quickness. He is against everything I thought you stood for. Bye girl.”

Clashes Over Race and Identity

Rose’s recent endorsement also brought up past conflicts, such as her feud with Joseline Hernandez on College Hill: Celebrity Edition.

During their altercation, Hernandez accused Rose of wanting to be white, a comment that resurfaced in the wake of her Trump endorsement. @trvp.bxz remarked, “As Joseline said, You really just wanna be a white girl.”

Contradictions Highlighted

Many critics pointed out the stark contradictions between Rose’s advocacy work and her endorsement of Trump. @princetonboy915 exclaimed, “AMBER, HE’S LITERALLY AGAINST EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR! WTF?!?!?!” Similarly, actor and activist Amber Whittington added, “Damn Amber…

You’re a Bisexual woman of color that runs a movement that stands up for Women’s rights and their power against anyone that abuses it….that’s literally OPPOSITE of what he supports…smdh.”

Mixed Reactions from Public Figures

The criticism didn’t stop with fans. Public figures like Vivica A. Fox and Bob The Drag Queen also voiced their disapproval.

Fox commented, “WTF?? #GURLBYE,” while Bob The Drag Queen simply exclaimed, “AMBER?!?!?! WTF.” Blakely Nieman Thornton added, “Go to sleep babe, you’re drunk,” and Chantel Watkins quipped, “Ain’t nothing in that baldhead.”

Rose’s Conservative Roots

Interestingly, Rose’s endorsement comes on the heels of her revelation on the “Just B With Bethenny Frankel” podcast that she has always been conservative.

“I am conservative actually. I have always been conservative since I was young,” she stated. Rose explained that her public persona as a “sexpot” emerged during her relationship with Kanye West, starting in 2008.

“That was my first relationship with a celebrity ever but also in the public eye.

And he knows a lot about fashion and he always wanted me to dress very sexy,” she said, emphasizing that this image was not reflective of her true self.

A Controversial Stand

Rose’s endorsement of Trump has certainly stirred controversy, highlighting the complex intersection of her personal beliefs and public advocacy.

Her declaration has sparked a broader conversation about the expectations placed on public figures, particularly those who have positioned themselves as champions of social justice and women’s rights.

The backlash underscores the challenges faced by celebrities who navigate the delicate balance between their personal convictions and the expectations of their supporters.

In conclusion, Amber Rose’s endorsement of Donald Trump for the 2024 Presidential race has not only surprised many but also provoked significant backlash.

Her actions have opened a broader discussion on the alignment between personal beliefs and public advocacy, highlighting the complexities faced by public figures in today’s polarized political landscape.

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